what do you think about used gear


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what do you think about used gear, how come even though it may have not been used at all and is in excellent condition, people aren't even willing to pay 1400 off its price?
I'm willingly to buy used gear but only at a substansial discount from the original price.

If there a better alternative owhich is a NEW product at the same price, I would not consider the 2nd hand product (unless it happens to be the Roland MKS-80 with a programmer).

Therefore, it will not be easy to sell your Triton LE88, especially for those who want a Triton at that price point may have already bough the Triton Extreme 61 (which offers a much much bigger ROM lib than the LE).
Thats what people have been saying

Thats what people have been saying. DO you think something like 2300 is a good price for it.
Re: Thats what people have been saying

Aman said:
Thats what people have been saying. DO you think something like 2300 is a good price for it.

I'm afraid I can't advise you.

Why not search the net and get a good estimate of a 2nd hand price?
While you may not be able to sell it at $3k, I wouldn't want you to sell it too cheaply either.
I know. Thanks.

I know, I think 2300 is reasonable, although here used gear is cheaper than used gear anywhere else.
Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot for that. It was really useful, though I think I won't be able to bring it down more than 2000 but this was useful to look at.
Will do thanks

Will do thanks. Do you know anyone that might want this? I'm still thinking about selling it for 2300 negotiable.
It means

It means take a look at my keyboard and see what you have to say about it. The pictures of it are up there.
Hey Aman,

You seems to be creating quite a number of new forum topics, all leading to YOU trying to sell your LE88 keyboard.

All your 'reply to topic' again leads to YOU wanting to be rid of that keyboard.

You even make public announcement on it too.

I think that it's not very nice of you to clutter up this webspace meant for the good of the music community, (yeah, just because it's free??!!).

This is just my personal observation and opinion.

Please private message me if you disagree, I don't want this tread to progress on to flaming. I don't mean any offence, peace, thanks.

I'm moving soon

I'm moving soon and got a great deal on a guitar. I play the guitar, the keyboard thing, its a long story. I need a new guitar to start doing different things. A long story.