What do u use to power up ur pedals?


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Was just wondering wat u guys are using to power up ur many pedals? How mani alternatives are there? Anyone using 1Spot? How is it?

Me. I'm using the 1Spot. Been with me for a while, if you're talking about reliability this thing is good. Powers quite a no. of your pedals effective and efficiently. Just get the daisy chain extensions and you'll be a happy man. No more batteries and plugging out cables from pedals after playing :wink:
Yes, for guys who have progress to have more than 2 effects to practise, jam & perform. It's wise to invest in a effects "gig bag" or 'pedal board'.

The advantages are:
1) greater protection of effects
2) convinence
3) reduce wear and tear of sockets, cables and plugs
4) common supply, no more power worries
5) instant setup

The only disadvantage is that you need to pay money for it, and it may cost more than one of your effects.

ALWAYS use a reputable power supply, over-rate, never underrate, kiasu rules dude. Do not use those tiny multi selectable voltages kind, as they will fail easily, poor performance, high noise interference, give you more chance to make fatal mistakes.

ALWAYS make sure your supply is meant for the effect in use. DON'T TRY TRY, consequence is dire, could fry an effect beyond repair.

Rock on dudes.
Boss adaptor PSA220(or 230 now). The long time model for the standard boss single pedals.

Please note that the rating on this adaptor model is 200mA or 0.2A only. Depending on the type of pedals you are powering up, I'd advise a chain of about 3 pedals for this small adaptor. If you are powering like 5 or more should get a higher rating one. (eg 500mA, 800mA, 1A).
How bout the Ibanez Dc Cord? Are they still available? and about this red stompbox called master switch and power supply.I've never really understood what that thing actually is. :?:
Master Switch acts as the name sake says, actually function as an effects bypass. It routes the signal path so that you can bypass all the effects at once to give you the guitar clean sound.