Whaaa? $22500!?!?! Crazy

that is for serious collector, not average joe on the street. 10, 20 years from now, the price probably will increase somemore.....
Eric clapton's black beauty is in such crap condition that it might fall apart. It's body finish is worn till you can feel the raw wood. Some parts are oxidized and rusted.

It was auctioned off at US$945,000+

(Some collectors edition Led Zepp guitars and even other stars are designed to be perfect replicas, down to the last detail such as body wear, scratches and dents. Jimmy Paige custom replicas are commonly known to have cigarette burnt marks created at the head stock, coz the original, Jimmy Paige always puts his cigarette on the head stock...)
the final auction price for Blackie was a staggering UK526,048... warts & all :roll:

the pictured Jimmy Page LP is a Custom Shop relic. the first batch of these are limited edition exclusives 25 (dunno if the pictured version is one, need to see the body...) which goes for UK30,000 each...with the relic treatment, the guitar isn't suppossed to look new.

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