westside softies meet up


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hi to all softies

Uncle Reggae cafe would like to organize a meet up for all west side softies at our cafe venue
This is not limited to softies from the west but to all softies that have to means to make to jurong
All items on the menu will be at special prices for softies on that day
menu will consist of waffles with ice cream ,shakes,floats and many other yummy delight all under $3
so bring down your acoustic guitars,bass,cajon or anything that you feel that you can make music out of
and let the music feel up the venue..be advised that there will be no amps or stage provided but there will be ample amount of seats and tables for everyone and great music played at the venue

event date :5th of march
time : 830pm till late
venue: 3 yung sheng road taman jurong food centre #03-129

please state your nick in this tread so that we can be prepared to receive you
thanks to all the softies that turned up for the meet up
all of us had a great time learning from each other
guess this was the first time that jurong food centre was filled with a 7 man guitar group and a total of 13 ppl singing along to tunes
be sure to look out for our next meet up soon
if can we wanna do this as a monthly meet up session
once again thanks guys and hope to see you again
@lordie you should bro it was way fun..... especially for the guys that turned up.... good food nd great music .... keep a look out might be organising another one next week or so