Want to buy 2nd hand keyboard..

You need to seriously consider the reason for buying a second-hand keyboard. You'll need to ask: "What can the keyboard do that my disklavier cannot." Your disklavier gives you midi capabilities, XG and GM sounds, and 88-real piano keys. You also have GPO - which give you the orchestral sounds you need. I'm not sure if the disklavier has a sequencer, but you definitely have one (hardware or software) with the music you already created.

So with a $700 keyboard, all that it will give you that you do not already have is portability and perhaps mod wheel. It will have worse sounds and definitely worse touch than what you already have. The question is: is it worth the $700 just for the portability? Do you need it?

Granted - you'll need the mod wheel if you're using GPO (almost crucial if you want to make serious music). The crossfading of the mod wheel will revolutionalise your music.

So, maybe the best option is to get a very small keyboard controller (you don't need 88 keys - you already have one) with mod wheel. The mod wheel will probably be the most important thing you'll want in your keyboard. If what I said till now is what you're thinking about - then you may want to check out M-audio's Oxygen 8 ($246 at Sinamex). Only 25 keys, but it has mod wheel and pitch bend + 8 knobs.


Save the rest of the of $400 for Garritan Jazz library to supplement your GPO.
hmm, a keyboard just for the mod wheel?.. btw, i don use the disklavier at all for my music, it's just for like piano solo or maybe some idea generating .. i don connect it to my com at all.. so i would like to get a little bigger midi controller, should i get radium49/61 ? wads the difference in those 2 keyboards?.. radium and oxygen? ... i don really like the of having such a big piano beside my com.. lol.. and its rather hard to see whats on monitor and play on the disklavier, so i would like a longer midi controller.. btw, how bout those expression,pedal controls in GPO , how do i use them? is it possible to use them with a mouse?

btw my disklavier has NO AUDIO ports.. man it just sucks.. i can only hear its nice sound on my headphones.. lol.. so there is really no use of this disklavier of mine except for being a BIG midi controller which i have failed to connect it to my com.. lol...

btw, wad's in Garritan's Jazz library?.. the next big thing i would most probably save for is a synth already.. i want to go into synths as soon as possible..
I probably misunderstood you. I thought your priority is in composition, seeing the previous thread on games soundtracks. If your priority is to go into synth and synth playing technique, then it is a slightly different ballgame. Even then, there are many types - do a search in previous posts. There are lots of discussions on workstations, digital pianos, synths, midi controllers etc.

If you want to go into synth playing, be very careful. You still have yet to complete your piano exams - playing too much synth at this stage will affect your finger techniques, especially with unweighted keys. Even the weighed ones will affect you, since it is not the same as the real piano keys.

Now I see what you've been using the sequence your music! With a mouse and PC, the music you sequenced is phenomenal! With a keyboard, you'll be able to achieve much more. The mod wheels and pedals in GPO are very easy to use - pedals triggers automatic legato, mod wheels crossfades between different articulations and expressions. Read it here: http://www.garritan.com/GPO-control.html. I promise you with a mod wheel and pedal, you'll create amazing music. The Jazz and Big Band collection from Garritan is the next coming library from the same producer (Garritan). Includes saxophones, rhythms and jazz brass playing styles. A good complement to you collection. But please, please... don't use the mouse for sequencing!!!!
haha.. i get ur point.. actually i do want to get more into composition, but at the same time, able to produce great-sounding sounds(Guess i'll have to concentrate on using my GPO,since it has great sounding sounds) ..haha.. i guess i'll get radium49, or oxygen 8.. u havent told me wads the differencce between these 2.. lol
then if i buy radium or oxygen, i need to get the piano pedal?.. SP-2 issit?.. how bout the expression one?.. can gimme more info? thx..
So, what's your priority now? Note that M-audio's controllers will not come with any sounds. They are meant to be controllers - that's all. If you want to concentrate on composition, a midi controller is all you need. You'll still need a sustain pedal. As for expression pedal - entirely up to you. It is useful for live playing - mainly to control expression (volume/ vibrato etc) when you have both of your hands tied up with playing. But for composition, it is easier to use the mod wheel or the knobs in the controller for that function.

The difference between Radium 49 and Oxygen 8 - mainly the range of keys and the number of controllers. When I suggested the Oxygen 8, I was going on the assumption that your Disklavier will be used as the main keyboard. Now that I know it isn't, you'll probably want something of a larger range than 49 keys. The Keystation 88es is a good buy - semi-weighted, 88 keys, pitch-bend and mod wheel, USB powered, 300USD (will be about your budget). You'll have to check with Sinamex if they have stock.

For a range of the M-audio's controllers and comparisons, see this:
i juust got myself an O2 becoz there was no more oxygen.. its discontinued.. i will start using the disklavier as my keyboard lol.. btw.. i bought SP2.. how come it doesnt seem to work?.
I have the legendary DX7 synth up for grabs, for the serious collector. People can say all they want about emulators, but nothing will ever come close to the real deal.

Half your budget only. Should consider, there is not many of these left already.
teraslasch said:
i juust got myself an O2 becoz there was no more oxygen.. its discontinued.. i will start using the disklavier as my keyboard lol.. btw.. i bought SP2.. how come it doesnt seem to work?.

I looked at the O2 in the website - it doesn't seem to have the traditional roller mod wheels and pitch bend. It looks different - can you confirm this? You really need a roller type - easier for sequencing. If not, you can always assign the volume slider (if possible) to be your mod wheel. Knobs are not good for modulation control.

Can you elaborate what does not work? What is you entire setup from keyboard to PC?
Re: any viewing allowed?

bongman said:
hi Mike,

any viewing allowed before purchase?

Surely can, just arrange to come by and test it out first. Have to say that these are close to 2decades, condition wise is used proper. But they built these like tank, also weight like one.
$400 or less. I saw someone selling the DXiid on soft at $1.8K. Even if mint, now still not worth that much. Maybe another 10yrs later.