Wall-mounted guitar hooks

MrE said:
Anyone noe where i can get these and how much they cost?

u can get it at 10+ abt 12 or 14.. saw it at bedok jammin centre.. yamaha or guitar shops should have it bah.. but gonna screw urself... hardwork!
Thanks for the tip mate... yeah it's troublesome but can save some space in my small bedroom, cos i just got another guitar :)
Hi Mikemann, do your hooks have the additional 'bar' to prevent the guitar from falling off the hook? like to close the hook when the guitar is hanging up there.

noe wat i mean?
hey i got 2 of those...bought it from a friends...yup no hook to prevent the guitar from falling....but i use a few rubberband on the insert of the neck hook.....it works anw....no accident happen yet
if u want... can go to this guitar shop at parklane or peace centre... not sure.. the one just outside of it is mac.....
anyway was looking for the hock for a friend of mine too... i found the one there not bad... looks better and is cheaper than the one sold at swee lee...