Vox VR series

Hoho the VR15 and VR30. I was all OOh Ahh over it and headed down to City Music to try about a month back. They are not bringing in the VR30 anymore. Unless the boss change his mind again.

The VR15, what can I say, it sounds warmer than the AD15VT and AD30VT, but not as warm as the Pathfinder or the old Cambridge models. And nowhere close to being as warm as the AC30.

I was very dissapointed.

If only they built a 30W Pathfinder. Or at least bring back the Cambridge line.
Yeah I think a 30watt pathfinder would be good, but think they are concentrating on their valvetronix amps right now.

Hang in there. AC15s coming in next year, hopefully by second quarter. drop by and try the new AC30 head. Owners of vintage AC30s view the new series with high regard.
let me know how the AC30 head's price also thanks man.

Next amp on my list.......need to start saving soon.... hah
So how much is the ac30 head? And how much will the ac15 cost when it comes in next year? The Ac30 is one of my dream amps :lol:

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