Vox Pathfinder 10


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Hey guys, i'm looking for a cheap and GOOD amp which i can leave in my home so i was think of The Vox Pathfinder 10, i just need a 10watt amp. any suggestions?
Well, it all very much depends on the type of music you're into playing. VOX amps tend to give a very British vibe sound to it, IMO at least.

Citymusic's having a sale now, so grab the Pathfinder if you must. Speaking of VOX amps, i would recommend a VOX Valvetronix 15W instead. Then again, what's your budget like? :)
not too expensive, max $150. i Have a valvetronix 30w in the studio but i want something smaller, just for home playing. what choices do i have?
I think the overdrive of the pathfinder 15r is not very good, a bit brittle. The cleans is ok, think Smarvo cleans better haha.

i don't really have a good impression of smarvo because when i went to novelty music at parklane to try a guitar, the guy said this amp is a good amp. so when theres buzzing, i thought it was from the guitar but he said it was from the amp. i mean, he said its a good amp, then when i said why is there buzzing he was like, 'must be the amp'. lol. :D
buzzing? what sort? anyway you cant base the quality of smarvo on wad that guy say.. i mean if the guy said that the guitar was the cause of the buzzing, what will ur impression of smarvo be now? definitely better right?
seems like the guy doesnt noe wad is causing the buzzing himself..

for smarvo go try out mikemann studios, he has everything there and can mod the distortion as well to make it sound better if you arent using a pedal already..
lol, he can't because i'm trying his guitar, and as well he was advertising his amp, so lol. anyways, soft said the classified ads were out, hmm, where is it??