Vox amps

The Vox Pathfinder 15W guitar amp with reverb is available from City Music for $185 (nett). They also have a cheaper version with no reverb.
i love my vox ad30 but i think there shouldnt be a huge difference between the 15 and 30 watt version except the thing you can use to turn down the wattage, so i can lower the wattage and up the master volume for sweeter sounds without inviting the police.. I'm not sure if its really classified as an attenuator but i suppose it does the same job (correct me if im wrong)
i own a ac15 and ad30vt

the ad30vt is value for money. has pretty nice warm tones. i only use the ac15/30 modellers though
IMO VOX amps are really great if u want a really nice clean amp with lots of character, my AC15 is my workhorse (really loud for a 15 watt rms amp) and personally love it to bits! Just a huge fan of Brit amps keke (considering to get a marshall amp again model 1974X or ceriatone clone TMB clone). Anyway you won't regret getting a VOX amp!