Vocalist Wanted!


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Hi all, looking for a male and female vox, open to any English genre. Preferably Top 40s, pop, rock or funk.
Current line-up consists of Guitars, Bass, Drums and Keys.

Average age in the band about 29. Age and race isn't a issue if you can commit.. Gigs n comps ahead if we are ready.
Interested please PM me with your contacts(HP/Msn). Thks
hi guys,

I am interested in joining.

my music are along the line of GNR, Aerosmith, Lifehouse, Keane, Kings of Leon,
Nickelback, RHCP.
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yo man,
Im a male vocalist/guitarist looking for a band. I do mostly contemporary rock/alternative.
Can sms me at 96784621 or email me at soovern@gmail.com.
Im 30, hope to hear from you guys...:)

Hi here! I am Joe. Nick or show name are Giften. 36 this year. Love to sing. Me am into rock, pop and etc. My favourite band or artist are GNR, U2, third eye blind, Erasure, INXS, Bryan Adams, etc...blah..blah..blah...

I hope I can feed into the band just like a good new pair or shoes and last long run. Do call or sms me at 93504195 or write to me at giften.tee@hotmail.com.

Thanks for reading. Hope to hear for you soon! Cheers!
Hey! =)

I'm 22 yrs old, studying in SMU and used to perform now and then~

I'm into classic rock, like aerosmith, bonjovi, guns and roses, queen, ac/dc and I do like to sing top40s as well. Funk to me would be "Play that funky Music" another number I love~~

If ya looking for the mellow sorta thing, I'm not so sure if I fit the bill, but if it's stuff with abit spunk and all~ It's right up my street.

In any case, do add me on MSN or something: fresh_apricotz@hotmail.com or pop me an SMS - 91822666 always like getting to know more musicians.