vocal power


try to open ur mouth wider and more like the vowel "O" to get more volume and better projection for those long high notes.. this should reduce the strain and add more power. just a tip. dunno much about these techniques.. good luck charles :)

btw im looking for advise myself as well.. cool singing part of the forum here.
andrew how did u get ur nice tone? that's ur natural voice right? well my natural voice sux, it aint rock, more like pop. but argh! i want to sing! :lol:
my vocal sound is quite clear i think.... more pure.. im trying to get it to sound more gritty tho.. i guess just try to approach the note cleanly first without strain.. then slowly add in some grit to make it more rock :D
I've remembered once i heard regine said that her dad train her to sing at the beach...go down to the beach until the water level reaches your neck or squat or kneel in the water..then sing any tune. I hope her tips helps!
blahblah said:
hi all vox, how do you guys train your voice projection and stamina? any methods?

1- exercise for stamina... jogging?
2- practice on air control
and most importantly
3- develop open-throat technique, open your mouth as flexibly and comfortably as you can (closed mouths hinder projections) and practice on resonance ...
4- dont sing in places with echo. you'll be hearing an illusion.
dont try projecting in open places. at least a regular sized room, where the soundwaves can reflect and bounce
I wanna larn to sing like Paul Wong from Beyond. I wonder how he trains his vocal chords to handle the way he sings?
i wish i could sing like Russel Alan of Symphony X, or Hansi Kurch of blind guardian... but getting there...
u should always sing whenever u can... just for extra practice for the sake of it... like when u take yer dog down for a walk, or when u're washing dishes, just whenever u can or whenever u're in the mood for it