Visual Sound Tube Amps coming in...


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Just got news folks..VS Tube Amps coming in. dunno when, but pic below shld be a beta version.


Tube amp, nothing further disclosed. think they gonna bundle it with a Jekyll & Hyde pedal with every amp.... shld be interesting to see it when it comes. sharing some info...cheers all!
it must be pretty classified information.. the visualsound website hasn't even acknowledged its existance

hoho it's confirmed! hmm but the philosophy behind the amp is a little strange. they want a clean tube amp that lets pedals shine through, but there would be an inherent overdriving of the amp with the volume cranked. i imagined that the amp for this purpose would probably be the Roland JC120, which would not have natural overdrive under any circumstances. perhaps the amp would have very high headroom? but then what would the purpose of being able to support both 6L6 and EL34 tube be for since the character of the pedal would take centerstage? and imo $670 for a tube amp to be used with pedals is a little strange. sorry but this is by initial reaction when i saw this..
It's quite in-line with what is popular in live music these days. You see, if you want to sell an amp today, you must include or predict what your customer will be needing in an amp.

Thus the new models today have features that are not found or common in the predecessors.

With digital effects having modelling forming a large part of the new effects coming out. You will want a more "full range" sounding amp, so that it won't muddy the modelled sound too much with its own voicing.

Do note that this is one side of the camp only. The diehards will always have a as-stripped-as possible signal chain and particular models or re-issues amps. Which brings true-to-life actual tone sound from their gear. More to the pro-circles.
very interesting indeed. If they did achieve this 'letting pedals shine through' thingy, i think their amps may just well be the industry standard to test out pedals...will be looking forward when this bugger's released. Interesting design too.. =)

RG KEEN...that's the guy from Geofex rite?