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Visual Sound V2 Open Road Overdrive

If you're looking for an open-sounding, amp-like overdrive with less dominant midrange, the V2 Open Road guitar pedal from Visual Sound is perfect for you. Finally, here's an overdrive pedal that delivers grind and girth. The Open Road has clear low end, sparkling highs, and none of the midrange hump found in most other boxes. Play a 6-string chord and all the notes ring through. Play a single note line and it sizzles, punch a power chord and it grinds.

The Open Road effects pedal features a very interactive tone circuit, effecting not only high-end roll-off, but gain structure as well. At any setting, at any volume, the V2 Open Road produces organic amp-like tones that might cause you to leave it on all the time.

Cosmetic Condition: 9/10
Overall Working Condition: 10/10
  • Pedal is already velcroed and with box and manual
  • Deal only in Pasir Ris or City Hall please
  • Price only at $80





Visual Sound Son of Hyde

Visual Sound took the Hyde distortion channel from the V2 Jekyll and Hyde to create the V2 Son of Hyde distortion pedal. A heavy overdrive with tons of bottom and extreme versatility the V2SOH invites you to use its EQ to scoop out the midrange for a wide range of tone. A Sharp/Blunt switch lets you go from compressed to very bright. The sonic possibilities of the Son of Hyde pedal are endless.

A wide range of sounds can be discovered by using the Mid knob to adjust the midrange.
The Son Hyde pedal's Bright switch lets you go from a more compressed distortion to very bright, along with Drive, Treble, and Volume knobs to set the overall style of sound. The new Son of Hyde is the perfect compliment to any pedal board. The added noise reduction circuit in Son of Hyde eliminates white-noise when you stop playing… although you might not want to stop!soft





  • Pedal is already velcroed but no box nor manual
  • Deal only in Pasir Ris or City Hall please
  • Price only at $60

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