Urgent advice needed for noob (pls read)


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Hi all. :)

This is pretty last min, but the short of it is that, I am gonna get married in a month's time. Wanna surprise my fiancee by playing (and singing) Jason Wade's "You Belong To Me" on the keyboards.

-> http://tabnabber.com/view_Tab.asp?tabID=6848&sArtist=Jason+Wade&sName=You+Belong+To+Me

But I am a noob with ZERO musical experience. Do you think it is possible, honestly?

How much does keyboard rental rates run, and do you guys have any reccommendations as to equipment/vendor?

Also, are there any cheap jamming studios around where I can assess the feasibility (and corresponding level of my noobness) of this mad idea of mine?

Thanks a lot... your inputs are highly appreciated.
dirk886 : welcome to soft and congratulations.

if you're able to play and instrument and sing at the same time while having 0 music experience. that's quite a talent you got there haha. cos I personally can't play anything + sing at the same time.

I think you're better off engaging a keyboardist, then just stand there and sing your heart out.

http://tinyurl.com/vocalsguide do give this a read. it should help. 1 month's time... you pretty much would have to sing the song at least 5 times a day.then alternate days to rest. to tighten up.

you can check the jamming studio list on SOFT.

don't repeat my wedding mistake for trying to produce my own cartoon animation voice over + live duet performance recording and forgetting the most important of all : rest. I had fever on my wedding day. though the rest was pretty much perfect.
Hi blueprintstudios!

Well, last Fri I went to Boon Musical and tried the keyboards for the very 1st time in my life, yikes. Can't do the chords in the link above, so I transcribed the keys from this vid:


at least for the right hand! Now trying to figure what keys the left hand should be hitting and when.

Managed to borrow a CTK 230 from my mate and just recorded this:


You're completely right about singing along while performing live... a bit disheartened now. :( Worst case scenario, will have to sing along to a MP3, lol. Thanks for the pointers again... cheers!
less than 1 month. this is my recommendation : get lots of rest, plan well, do a check list, singing along to mp3 is fine, save the cost of engaging a keyboardist, spend it on your honeymoon. nothing to be disheartened about, it means you're good at something else other than music that will contribute you as a man to your wife. best of luck to your wedding day!
10 days time to your wedding, OP... howz your learning??? Any progress????
Record your voice to a minus 1, on a CD, and give it to her..a love present that she will remember forever..
Need any help... contact me at 94799640..

Hi Calvin... well, true as what blueprintstudios predicted, it dint turn out so well. Had a hard time coordinating my L hand with my R... and we haven't even include the vocals part yet! Oh well, Jorden Rudess I am not then. :p

In the end, I did a somewhat interesting visuals thingie, coupled with the song mp3, and will sing live to that next Fri.

Thanks for your kind offer though. Wish me luck!