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"Qiaolin is a fun, patient and a passionate teacher. She makes sure that your fundamentals are strong before moving on and at the same time keeps her lessons interesting and relevant. She is a flexible teacher and willing to customise her classes to your needs. I have attended another famous pop piano school before but unfortunately ended up with an unsuitable teacher. I think it is better to go with Qiaolin because she will be the one teaching you." (Siang Hui)

I am a 49-year-old homemaker. My pleasant and friendly music teacher, Qiaolin has helped me to fulfill my childhood dream of playing the keyboard. She is a patient teacher who makes sure I understand what she is teaching whether it is theory or practical and will teach me how to remember the lessons. Her sharp sense of hearing allows her to know if I am playing the wrong keys by just listening. In my 2 months with her, I have learnt how to play a piece of music with the use of both hands. (Jenny Ang)

Most of the time, I am inspired by the beautiful music played by the pianist during live performance. There is always a voice singing in my mind that it will be great if my fingers could dance gracefully over the black and white music keys. I wanted to fulfill this desire and decided to look for a keyboard tutor from the webpage. Finally I came across Miss Qiaolin’s online advertisement and decided to sign up for her lesson. To my surprise, her home studio is more grand and cosy than what I had expected. Her home studio creates a conducive environment for students to learn effectively and efficiently. Moreover, her lesson is based on individual session that allows one to learn comfortably at own pace. She is patient toward my slow learning pace, and she always encourages me whenever I played the right notes. To add on, I feel peaceful after I have attended her lesson as it relieves me from the pressure I face in school. Hence, if any of my friends is interesting in learning keyboard, I will highly recommend Miss Qiaolin to my friends. (Pearlyn)

“I had always wanted to learn playing the keyboard when I was younger but somehow, I never had the opportunity to do so. When I came across Qiaolin’s advertisement, I decided to sign up for the course. The teaching studio is cosy and well designed conducive for learning. I was a total novice in music, therefore, I am grateful that Qiaolin is a patient teacher and also, able to make the learning fun for her students. Her versatile teaching method adapts well to my learning pace. Also, she is very understanding toward my busy working schedule. Overall, she is an A++ teacher with great service” (Mr Ong)

“It all started when I was looking for a keyboard teacher on Soft. Though many have approached me but somehow I didn't feel the same way towards Silent Waves' sincere & detailed advert! When I got in touch with Qiaolin, I knew this was what I was looking for! Until today, that statement still holds true. Qiaolin is a very patient & encouraging music teacher. I have no background in music at all thus I need a teacher like her. Through her versatile teaching methods, I've learned so much from notes reading to chords & playing the songs I love! I would definitely encourage people (like me) who are not that young anymore & have no music background at all to start fulfilling your dream with Qiaolin!”(Leila Char)

“I am inspired by the beautiful studio and cosy environment. Qiaolin, my keyboard teacher is friendly, nice and helpful. This makes me feel at ease as I know nothing about keyboard prior to the course. Qiaolin’s teaching method is easy to follow and the schedule is flexible (which is essential due to my working schedule). Now I am fulfilling the dream of learning to play my favorite songs; always looking forward to lessons” (CL)

I like to take this opportunity to voice my "thank you" to Qiaolin, who's currently still as objective and patient in her teaching, for the past 5 months. I'm glad and happy to have her, specifically and specially set training programme to suit me. Being briefly trained "classically", I'm glad to have her guidance in the "pop" area. For those out there who's looking at learning "pop piano", I sincerely recommend my current teacher and mentor, Qiaolin. (Trevor)

“Coming into the fourth month learning with Qiaolin, I find myself learning more from her than the 12 months group keyboard lesson that I have attended last year. Qiaolin is very patient with “old” peopleJ. I am picking up very slowly and Qiaolin has been guiding me according to my learning pace. I get to create my own chord progression in class and I welcome such challenges as it stimulates my creativity and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Despite the journey and the fact that I am also attending other classes 3 nights a week, I have never thought of giving up the class because I feel comfortable with Qiaolin and the class helps me to get away from the pressure at work.” (Shoo)

This has been a very refreshing course. I’ve learned quite a lot about the technicalities of a piano even though it's only the beginner's course. Qiaolin is a very patient and enthusiastic teacher. I'm extremely glad to have taken this course and I’m definitely ready to take up the intermediate course next! Awesome period of time, thank you Qiaolin! (Marcus)

I have no music background but Qiaolin’s teaching is simple and easy to understand. She is able to provide me with various practice techniques that suit my learning capability in order for me to get the playing of notes right. Qiaolin is very friendly and approachable. I was able to play simple songs after just 4 lessons with her. (Fai)

I have classical music background and have also decided to pick up pop keyboard recently. With Qiaolin’s coaching, I am now learning more fundamentals about chord formation, chord progression and their application in pop songs. I used to be weaker in tempo but with the help of the drum tracks during my lessons with Qiaolin, I have improved quite a bit in this area, which is helpful as I go for my higher-grade exams in classical piano. Qiaolin has good time management of her lessons. We always start and end lessons on time and her lessons are well planned - this is important to me as I live in the east of Singapore and the long journey is definitely worth it. (Wei Ren)

If you love to sing and would like to play piano while singing your favourite song, and have no idea how to play.. Perhaps you may consider learning contemporary keyboard.
You will learn to read not just the old musical notes, transposition of every chord, the reasons behind each notes and how it should be played..

No one is too old to learn a new instrument.. It is the mind set whether are we willing to learn or change our habits.. Learning a new instrument is to keep our mind tinkle...
Qiaolin is the teacher that you may be looking for to learn playing keyboard:
1) you are a working adult and need some flexibility due to working hours
2) you need a teacher who has patience to coach
3) affordable rate
4) a conducive environment
5) requires personal coaching
6) customize teaching progress

I am writing this becoz I am one of the student under her wings and experiencing the above mentioned..

I am enjoying every moment with her coaching.. Dun feel shy... Call and speak with her to clear your doubts and assess for yourself if she is THE teacher you looking for..

I am enjoying it.. I am sure you will too....!!!

Life is short... Enjoy every moment!!! (Joyce)

It is a very student-friendly way of learning to play the keyboard and I have enjoyed every minute of every lesson, as they are always very productive and are conducted in a very relaxed manner. Imagine having the right teacher and course where you can seriously learn at your own pace, in the comfort environment and unlock your hidden talent. I fully recommend QiaoLin, The Keyboard Teacher. (Tracy)

"Qiaolin is an extremely patient and friendly instructor who has really made the lessons enjoyable, both professional and fun way. Thanks again!" (Michelle Tang)

This will be the 3rd month learning from Qiaolin. She is enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate about the piano. Furthermore, she is always very patient in guiding me through the piano works. Her lesson is always interesting and meaningful, thus i'm enjoying attending every single lesson and looking forward to learn more from her.. During lessons, Qiaolin will not only teach music theory in depth, she will also demostrate the importance of tone production, technique and touch. For the beginners, I strongly recommend you to attend her class as building a strong foundation is the most essential in learning a musical instrument. (Chen You Soon)

It's never too late to take music lesson......if you have always wanted to play your favorite songs but never had the chance to learn when you were younger for one reason or another- private music lessons are the best way for you to realize your dream. As my students, you will enjoy the following advantages:

1. Cosy home studio conducive for learning.
2. Well equipped with keyboard, grand piano and recording facilities.
3. Max. attention given to students (Individual or group of 2 Class).
4. Innovative and proven teaching method.
5. Customized lessons to meet your individual learning pace.
6. The ability to play simple melody within a few lessons.
7. Attractive rates and flexible hours

Please feel free to email me (Qiaolin) at keyboard.09@hotmail.com or contact me at 82005186.