Unable to install Vintage Warmer on Cubase LE 4.0


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I'm unable to install Vintage Warmer on cubase LE 4.0

I downloaded the demo version from the PSPaudioware.com website.

I installed the software successfully on my pc and tried to set the path in cubase but I was unable to open the plugin in cubase to insert effects.

I even tried to install it in c:\windows\program files\steinberg\cubaseLE\VSTplugins folder. no luck.

Where could I be going wrong?

I'm running windows 7 home edition 64bit. core i7.

any work arounds are most welcome :)

you tried updating your LE yet? I just got back home from recording real exhausted now. I'll test it for you whenever I can with mine.
I don't use Cubase. But did you redo a scan of your VST folder from within Cubase? Also check within Cubase to ensure the VST folder path is correct.

It may have installed in your 32-bit folder instead (c:\windows\program files (x86)\steinberg\cubaseLE\VSTplugins).
Thanks Ron and cheez

I'll need to check the 32 bit folder again.

wondering if i just copy the 3 .dll files would it work or do I need to specifically install the plugin?