Ultra Noob question on double pedal.


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Hi, my friend is thinking of purchasing a double pedal. I was wondering since he has already 1 pedal is there any way he can just purchase another pedal and connect to it? :D
It depends, some pedals may be able to (those higher end ones) which can be either single or double. However, some restrictions do apply...
Which model does ur friend currently has?? pearl?? Tama Iron Cobra?? DW?? Yamaha??pacific?? Gilbraltar?? Lazer?? janus??
OIC...If his pedal has got an extension for the right/left pedal, then its no problem. If not, then there's no way he could just buy another pedal to make it a double pedal unless he's using two bass drum.
Metallando said:
errr..unless.....u buy another bass drum and fit it with another single pedal???.. :wink:

Hahahahaha.. Sorry to confuse U mate but the only viable solution would be to get a double pedal itself..

Go and check out the Pearl Drum Forums.. Detail explaination for various pedals in the market are discussed by the users. Gather ur information before getting one..

For me personally, I'll get the Pearl Eliminator Double Pedal..

Good luck..
nkf31 said:
where do you buy it so cheap?!

That's the standard price. If u were to get anything higher than within the range. Complain to CASE. Even Swee Lee's selling it between $420 to $460.. Just know how to bargain and which staff to approach..