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Juz wanna clarify... does the band U2, have anything to do with that clothing brand U2?

Are they the same thing, or are they totally different? This question's been bugging me for some time so decided should ask u softies.. hehe.. can't help but slip in that bad joke.. haha

k thanks.. btw U2 rocks my socks off! sonday-eee blawwdee sonday-eee
LOL..is that a trick question?
i love that sunday bloody sunday man...live at red rock. Bono is like mondo cool.

i have no idea whether U2 the band has any affiliations with U2 the brand.
it has bugged me before but sloth overcomes me at times.
Nope... Unrelated...

U2(clothing) is a Hong Kong based company whereas U2(band) is bloody Irish~!...

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: