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any recommendations on cheap tuners with input? I just want tuners with no metronome inculded.
can't really recommened you but you should go to a guitar store and ask for assistance and try out to see which one you really like. :)
tuner... if u mean chromatic tuners... i dunno... i heard they say korg has the best tuners... well, i dunno (again)... i tried a couple of tuners, i still dunno how to differentiate their goodness... hmm... i dunno (yet again) i juz clicked BUY on a korg chromatic tuner CA-30 online a few days ago :lol:
i bought a korg DT-10 a month back. Quite solid stompbox and the response seems faster than the Boss TU2 or is it TU12 dun remember the stompbox version.