Tuner "Pitch" function?


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Hey everyone.

Just one (silly) question I´ll like to ask. I have a Boss TU-12 electronic tuner and there´s this button which is labeled "pitch". What´s it for?

Thanks in advance. =)
Pitch is the frequency for the note. If you´ll tuning the guitar, Lowest pitch would be low E, followed by A, D, G, B and High E. In the music scale, every note has a pitch. This pitch denotes the octave and how high or low the note sounds. But if you´ll still having problems understanding it, just watch the meter and try to tune it to the center. And watch the note alphabet to see if it shows your selective note.
Hi! Thanks for the reply.

The tuning part I understand. But it´s a BUTTON labelled "pitch". When I press it, the LED blinks for a while. That really sent me wondering... =?
You´ll probably don´t have to worry too much on that anyway. Either your string/whatever is not in tune, that´s why it blinks. It could be low battery. Or it could be that it works this way, blinking to show it´s reading. Most of the time is the first issue. Anyway, my advice to you is read the manual. But as long as you see the meter pointing at the right pitch, then you´ll alright. Cheers!