Tribute to Pantera


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Cemetary Gates[/url]

Please type Cemetary Gates at the search column. Tks and happy viewing.
i love that song! :D i think you can work on the clean sound though it might just be the camera.. the lead sound is a little piercing..

but its a nice cover.. \m/ whats the name of your band?
Tks bro. I have not yet found a great tone. Still searching for it. Keep on changing here and there for that particular tone that i want. Frust la bro. No name yet for the band. R u into Pantera too?
great solo bro,i'll hand you over my tube screamer someday for the killer touches!!!



Great.Nice.How abt 1 request?....WALK.




"His Legacy will lives forever"
Walk will be next on my list dude. Will keep u guys update. Now, trying out Domination. Wish me luck. Tks bro
very nice my favourite pantera song, with great nostalgic intro.. i must say a very nice job, u should try cowboys from hell next..
u can improve on ur solo abit.. its somewhere there but still not perfect.. still, a good job...
Pantera! One of my favourite metal band! Glad to have a band covering Pantera stuff! With more practice you guys will ROCK! keep it up!
what an awesome site! thanks

about the song, yeah i agree, the singer is muffled.

The thing I love about this song, is not only does it ahve a special conenction with me, but phil sounds frucking amazing, i could say this is one of the best singing ina song ive ever heard. his raw and powerful voice..truely amazing.

your playing is awesome though :D

You'd make dime proud dude

/goes off to watch pantera- 3 vulgar videos
Damn, was into it back in the 90's man.

Dime ROCKSSS!!!!!!!!!!

would love to play it again..