Traditional Grip help.


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I recently switched to Traditional Grip, because I thought it'd be more interesting. But the problem is, I cannot even do a single stroke or double stroke roll with matched. Anyone have any tips to help make it so that I can do such rudiments easily with Traditional Grip?
I mean, I can't do it well, that is. It does not sound clean. How do I make the stick bounce for Trad? My fingers always seem to get in the way for that. For matched, this isn't a problem though.
Hey bro i suggest u try to get ur doubles clean and fast enough for your matched grip first la. spend more time doing your rudiments at slow tempo where u can definitely play accurately. afterwhich u move on to trad grip.

for trad grip. i suggest u watch lots of trad grip drummers and see their way of gripping the stick. how the last 2 fingers are rested and not tensed up.
drummers like Dave Weckl and Virgil Donati are masters of trad grips. i have a video on grips from Dave Weckl's dvd "Back to Basics"
i can send u that video and u slowly observe yea? pm me ur email.

i used to be a matched grip player. then i watched the movie "Drumline" and got so awesomated <--- (no such word.haha) so i did lots lots of practice with my trad grip.rudiments and stick tricks, and before long. in less than a month i was already using trad grip full time and can do all the stuff in the movie. well.. ya.. takes alot of practice to get used to trad grip. so don't give up yea?

i sort of learnt trad grip on my own. cuz at that time i dunno who the hell dave weckl and those other drummers were. so i just practicied and naturally found a comfortability in playing trad grip on my own. then i got to know those drummers and developed a more effective grip and all those techniques

so.. i suggest ur matched grip.. try to do as much as u can with them first. yea?
sorry for the lengthy post.
It's not really a necessity to play with traditional grip anyway, matched is the way to go. Don't let people tell you that you need trad grip to play jazz, just look at Bill Stewart and Jack dejohnette.
but traditional grip does help , i find, it gives a very nice feel.

although technically, the trad grip does use more muscles.
but it does make it easier to do ghosting, just by nature of the hand's position.
nkf31 said:
although technically, the trad grip does use more muscles.

You sure about that? last time i read an article, it said the matched grip used 13 muscles while traditional uses 4. kinda makes sense since you use less fingers in traditional grip.
Funkifized said:
nkf31 said:
although technically, the trad grip does use more muscles.

You sure about that? last time i read an article, it said the matched grip used 13 muscles while traditional uses 4. kinda makes sense since you use less fingers in traditional grip.

Haha! That's weird, i read it in rhythm before... unless of course i remember wrongly.
Best way to learn trad grip is to get a teacher!

there's nothing like a teacher to help, especially when it comes to reevaluating your fundamentals such as grip..

I don;t think there are too many professional actively using traditional, but u can try the following
-Mark DeSouza (SSO)
-Jonathan Fox (SSO)
-Tama Goh (Jeremy Monteiro/ Sandy Lam)
-Eddie Layman (Chromazone)
steve gadd, dave weckl, thomas lang influenced me to play traditional grip.

i dun find any reason not to play it. but learning without a guide or teacher can be really dangerous. NEVER EVER TRY SOMETHING THAT YOU DUN KNOW. i've seen 6-7yrs drummer relearn everything from the basics because they got it wrong from the begining.

checkout DVDs, visit orthodox websites like and i'm not try to say only in these orthodox websites teaches the right thing. but the fact that they are recognised as the correct techniques used. go and explore!!

hey, happy drumming!!
Guys, let's face it: we play traditional grip just coz it looks cool. nothing more to it XD

anyone who tries to justify the use of such an awkward grip doesn't really know what he's talking about. i swear i'll kill the next guy who says trad is a 'jazz grip' =D

you CAN get trad up to the same level as matched, but that would waste so much time that you could've spent on working on your time or chops. IMHO though.
After more than 15 years of drumming, I've only become a full-blown trad grip player for the past 3 years and I mus say, it takes a lot as compared to matched. To me, i associate matched grip as a 'plug and play' style, in which it is a no-brainer but when it comes to the trad grip, its more like havin to learn the ropes jus so u could provide the proper movement and techniques to jus execute one stroke properly and cleanly. To start out, u definitely have to build power in ur left arm. Start out by doing singles and then to doubles slowly. One rudiment i always recommend to my students is the ruff in the form of LLR or RLL. Playing the diddles wif ur left-hand will gradually increase ur arm power, uniformity and technique. Nvm if starting out it make u look like an idiot trying to play tat in trad style. Bt in time, u b able to play wonderfully-crafted ghosts wif ur left-hand the traditional style. And trust me, playin ghosts in trad, to me is simpler than matched which most people might beg to differ and another factor which i found out, the ghosts produced by trad grip is cleaner than matched, oh well maybe my matched jus started to get sucky now. Anyway, give it a try and if it still doesnt work, then i tink of sumtin else. :eek:
Funkifized said:
Guys, let's face it: we play traditional grip just coz it looks cool. nothing more to it XD

to a certain extent you're right.
for me, it started when i was watching the movie Drumline. i found the stick tricks pretty cool so i proceeded to learn the trad grip and the stick tricks. i was only playing drums for 2 months then.
i did not learn trad grip cuz the grip looked cool. 'd never thought that way. maybe indirectly, yes i was tyring to act cool. but it's only because of the stick tricks, not the grip itself.

it wasn't because of the cool factor that i chose to use that grip. it's just that, there's this natural comfortability when i use it. i don't feel myself trying to act cool with trad grip anymore after that.

well, it all boils down to ur own maturity. =) don't be misguided by your greed to temporary popularity. do it because u love it for wat it is. 8)
IMHO, i think trad grip is outdated a little. it was devised so that ppl could play the snare in the marching band which does make sense. in a drum set however its wierd and not easy to get used to. it does look cool, but i feel it limits the left hand as you can't easily lead with the left hand. using matched you can develop your left and lead with it as well. i'm sure that there are great players using trad grip, but personally i can't really play well with a trad grip. still use it on occasion for fun, but can't really get the hang of it. especially crashing and up tempo songs...
hahaz, qwerky, ya juz have to practise, watch DVDs and learn from trad players.

i'm sure many trad player will agree with me that trad is not something u learn on your own. ya have to be more careful with it cos proper technique is very important when it comes to traditional.

for me, i play trad at first cos it looks cool. but later i found out about the amazing things ya can do with trad. for example, it is easier for trad players to play a rim-shot, its easier for trad drummers to play louder juz by lifting up your hands(unlike matched, ya need to swing the stick upwards more).

but most importantly, no one grip is better then the other. each has its own art and style.
i think traditional makes your left hand kinda better than if your left hand were to go on the same track with match, no? cos of the bounces, which is kinda quite cheating, but oh well. and yeah it looks cool haha. when people see you play those cool traditional grip stuff they kena stun. XP