Thinking of getting something for recording guitar on PC


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my friends recomended me a Behringer Eurorack, but I can't find them online in singapore so I dont know who stocks them.

I don't want to spend too much either, maybe under $50 so are there anything likes this, that do the job fairly cheaply.


I used to plug that into some speakers and use it as my amp when my proper amp broke.

Could I use this in any way with my this: (method 2)

thanks for your help

edit: where can I buy a converter so I can plug my guitar directly into my PC. I think its method 1 one that site.
Hey bro you can buy the converter at challenger stores.. it only cost only S$2.50.... hope this helps
thats wrong, you dont jack into mic-in.. you will get this half a second delay... you jack into LINE in..