The pet thread!


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after seeing shredcow's fat cat i decided this forum needs


i have a cat and rabbit, imma try to get their pics

if you have a pet, post their pics here gogo :D :D
i used 2 have a pair of rex guinea pigs n a pair of mini lops........ :D

but dun noe y both females die........ :cry:

now only left the males 1....... :wink:

i've got a dog, a hamster, (i used to have up to 11 hamsters - breeding frenzy) 2 pet basses and 1 acoustic pet. i want a rabbit!!!
My rabbit, Toffee.

I've always wanted an octopus.

There was a stall at OUB centre selling marine aquariums yesterday - they had a small cuttlefish inside. I considered buying it. I think my wife would have freaked more than if I walked in with a new guitar.
That rabbit is so damn cute!!! I wonder how it would taste if converted to rabbits burger!? 8O ..

Hahahahaha!! Don't worry.. I wont have him for satay either but they said that rabbit's meat is nice...
My father has eaten rabbit meat.

Anyway, I have some parrot fishes. Not really mine though, my father takes care of them.
BICHIR!! I LOVE MY BICHIRS!!! Lol...I also got fire eel, needlefish, soft shell turtle, walking catfish, red tailed catfish, soon ear many pets yea? :oops: