the great spy experiment

That's really nice stuff ... But i'm not much for indie/emo/alternative whatever it is you guys call it ... But i feel you dawg ...
hey hombre...que passa? GSE el rocko man...but we ned to hear more keyboard solos...hee hee... :lol:
darren -'re not darren from soundmix are you?

fgl - forever and ever lah you soon.. on our single... you might be able to hear more of her...she's gonna get some new equipment...but thanks for the kind words lah el loco!!

Did you do any post editing on it cos I am pleased with the sound of it, considering it a jam recording. Jay was the engineer that day wasnt it?

I seriously think the mass is tired of overly designed overly compressed sounds and this raw feel gives it a human factor, a welcome feel after so long. I can actually hear the pump on the snare boy woo hooo

I stumbled onto Pearl Jam's No code after so long and it was refreshing to be able to hear space and dynamics.
no this was the first one we did with Wayne.... the one with Jay turned out weird lah......... dunno what happened.... maybe you could take a listen?

i like the sound of this one... yup very edgy.. too bad the vocals were a bit off... he couldn't hear himslef in the studio...

cheers man darren!
HAHHHAAA... bro carlos the jackel... TangQ...TangQ.... dun worry only SOT members will have DAT info...

fgl 8)
Re: :)

Darren said:
Did you do any post editing on it

darren dude... sorry i didn't quite answer your questions... yup it was tweaked a bit.... i think saiful tried to hide and mask his vocals...

i didnt get to hear the raw tracks..

the second recording we did was by no means Jay's fault... think there was a problem with the 44.1 and 48 thing when it was done on saiful's Mac.. dunno whats that lah.. and saiful made some boo boos with his post editing(heh. sorry saiful love..).

Hey Darren,

The original track we got from Wayne was pretty good. I just did a bit of EQ tweaking and added minimal effects cos it was quite dry, particularly the vocals.

The second recording was fine as well. I did the mixdown but it didn't go down too well with the rest of the band. But what we got from Jay was perfectly fine.