The Biggest Bands in Singapore

These three bands are perhaps the biggest bands of this past year and has make the most impact in the scene this year. All have their good point all have some weak points. now i am free so i will break down each member of each band and analyze their playing and their star powers along with a summary of the band. note: this is only my personal opinions so no offence if i never include ur own personal favourite

They have been in the scene around for a long time now, and many of the members are from other bands and come together to form the new Electrico this year. This has been a good year for Electrico with a No. 1 hit single "I Want You" and "Runaway" quickly coming up the charts so now they are finally getting their stuff right. They work hard after some failures and have prevailed.

Without a doubt one of the most flamboyant and popular bassist in Singapore who is known for his wild and crazy moves and spunky character. I think he is more or less the frontman of the band, and he is a bassist (yay i am also! bass players rock) and it is rare for a bass player to be a frontman but he does the trick by being the most interesting look in the band. Rock on desmond!

David is the friendly teddy bear in the band that is just very fun and great to watch because u feel like you know him for years now when he talks to the crowd. Went up to him once after gig and he was very hospitable and nice! he writes most of the songs and is the resident talented song writer!

Oh my, she is the hottest girl in the local scene today! many people like her for her looks. actually sometimes i can't really hear her during the gigs but that's ok cause i think she's hot either ways and is a pleasure to watch perform! Amanda u have my heart!

Despite being a good guitarist and some good effects, I do not really understand why he jumps around so much. A bit too hyper even for the slow songs! But I suspect he is just having fun and feeling the music. Not my favourite member but his guitars sound good i guess. :)

steady goes this man never misses a beat and is part of the great rhythm section. he looks good on camera and the video but never really gets to know much of him in the media or what. but as a bassist i work closely with drummers so william gets my vote! :)


And out of nowhere comes this young and energetic band that plays music that sound ilke no other! almost all magazine i see and buy i have seen Ronin in the glossy pages so u know the media and fans anticipate good things from this band. Just before this year I have never heard of them, and just this year I wonder what took me so long! Definitely one of my all-time favourites music wise and image wise the best in the scene now in my opinion. with electrico in close second!

Lead Guitars
One of the most incredible lead guitarist i ever see live from an sg band! Man this guy can play ! his fingers are so smooth in bending and playing the notes I love seeing him play though i am not a big guitar fanatic but the way he holds the guitar makes it almost cool in my eyes.

BASS! Bass rocks! Derryn rocks with his cool bass guitar he uses to play which is what i want to own! He got the looks that is like the Pug Jelly jap guy, but only tougher and more rock n roll. headbang like siao and energy like siao. this is the way all bassist in rock band should be like. not ust stand there and act like background. BASS IN FRONT PLEASE!

I think without a doubt the most easy to recognise frontman in all of Singapore bands and probably overseas too! His voice range is HUGE he can reach all thsoe high notes and i think the best showman in the scene today with his sunglasses and his dancing! reminds me of sylvester, but only thing sylvester sucks but this guy rocks beyond comparing. i can imagine full sized posters on girls bedroom walls or something. my rock idol in SG.

Always bring a smile to my face when i see him drum and doing his solos! i dunno how to describe his playing, other than that that's great and goes with the music great and i think definitely ranks as one of the best i heard so far. very different from william playing and both are very good in their own way what a name also! Bang!

If u don't try to notice him u might take for granted that this guy is the one who play the riff of most of the great ronin songs! he remind me of those jap bands rhythm guitarist who never try to be showy but is still good and relevant to the music. do not know much about him in the press or wat and i think he is cool for that. especially when he sang backup vocals that time at bar none lol!

I don't know much of them except they are three piece and they have a song on radio that I don't really like. They are ang mohs so I don't know if u consider them local but i do not hold it against them at all since they are base here and i think that's cool. the singer a bit too nasal but that's punk. i don't mind punk but not a big fan.
Vaiyen said:
Ronin sounds like no other? They sound like Guns n Roses man.

maybe this writer never heard RONIN covered GNR's songs be4........

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
perhaps not biggest, but definitely popular in the tiny local context.

someone ever say, opinion is like a**hole, everybody got one.....

nuff said!
Well I think he is like slyvester in his hair except he is fair and blonde but the face is a BIT the same. the voice is same type (rock) but he don't sound like constipated when he sing those high notes also.

And i think above all AManda is the hottest girl in the scene today! Is it true that she has a boyfriend?

true that they do GNR songs but when i hear their EP they do not sound like GNR much except maybe some vulgar and it is loud and has solo. but i think it's more of the lines of 70s or maybe early 90's.

as for pug jelly i heard their album and i think that they always sing about young girls and crushes and school stuff that i can't relate as i get older. but maybe for the younger crowd....
amanda has a wrist band that reads "slut"

revolution kinda reminds me of welcome to the jungle, crazy son sound sALOT like dont cry

i think levan has some speech condition.. i know it cos one of my friends has it too. he cant pronounce some syllabus clearly, dont u think so? But that doesnt make him a bad singer, he still awesome
yup it's lisping. same as The Godfather, Fantasia of American Idol, Will Young and The Clash. Fairly common, esp with people who wear braces before =) My friiend also has =)

I read the LIME article and it seems they are going for the big time. I'm an Electrico supporter, but i also support Ronin and Pug Jelly and most other bands. We gotta respect the fact that they are helping ALL local bands get a better name to the public through their representation, and open up more for us also. It's nice to know that there are bands out there willing to gun for it. I don't know if Ronin sound like GNR on the EP or not but I do know i was at the Bar None show and it was one of the best I've ever been to because of all the hype and crazy fans around! I also went to the Rouge launch party of Electrico and that was fantastic too because of the great fans around. The fact that BOTH these bands FILLED the place is incredible. This wouldn't have happened say 3 years ago but it did on these two occasions.

If you think about it, the fact that these three bands actually got FANBASE and label approach them is some sort of breakthrough for the rest of us in other bands. That's why whatever music they play, whoever they are, hats off to them. We can only hope and know that there will be other followup bands paving the way further for all of us. We don't have to follow them in what they do, but it is a good flagship we can be proud of.
well my fav of them all is ronin, first saw them at the power jam and was damn damn damn impressed man. That sean guy, it seems like he can play bluesy stuff too. failed to see them at the ZA concert or wadeva. least managed to get their EP.

No offense ar, i somehow feel that only ronin is good enough to go overseas. Electrico....i dunno never heard them, so not fair to say abt them. Pug jelly........not my type
i hope either electrico or pug jelly beats stephanie sun in the mtv awards. and if they don't then hope ronin does since they are gonna be same label or maybe something like that. whoever wins over her is good for all of us. enough of steph sun man! whoever win if it's local band i am HAPPY.

i think maybe pug jelly has some small market in the western countries cause punk is quite big there, though it is dying out to rock and indie is always around :)

From what i hear, both Ronin and Electrico are planning tours for next year. but i dunno it's not confirmed. just what i heard. i think pug jelly also. in the past force vomit has gone to malaysia and all that, and The Suns (Ex boredphucks) is already in Australia and geting quite big. so good luck to all these bands!


HAHAHA. Pug Jelly and Electrico's ok too, but Ronin rocks my socks!
haha, not to dampen the spirit. But isn't steph sun also a local and in music? Whassup with wanting to supporting local music...

as for local rock band playing overseas, there are lot more, playing in malaysia, indonesia, and even europe underground metal festival.

so beside these 3 bands, any other worth mentioning?
yes many more!
steph sun is local but come on she wins every year!
and she's chinese market
it will mean a lot to the ENGLISH market if one of the band wins lor.

overseas got RUDRA! metal band with big fanbase overseas and real deal man.
other bands mentioning i think would be:
Ugly in the morning! and B-Quartet!
yes Rudra!



they've toured mexico, france, spain, germany, holland...etc.

(though i dun really like them personally...)