Teenage Hard Rock Group looking for a Bassist



As the title states, we are looking for a bassist around our age range, any younger and the police will probably question me, any older and the police will probably question you.

We are all 17 years old, looking to play some of the classics, busking, playing bars and hopefully releasing a kick-ass album.


1) Able to play the bass

You should be able to play the bass at a low enough length, for maximum 'coolness', finger picking and using a pick blah blah, as long as you can play bass you're probably in, because like I said, we suck. The whole point is for us to all improve as a group, encourage each other, blah blah all that corny shit. Don't have to be that good, can play can liao.

2) Around our age range

Just be 15,16,17,18. Would be a plus if you look macho and shit, then we have something going for the band because trust me, we're pretty ugly.

3) Dedicated to music

We're all looking to do this full time, probably not gonna happen but I think if I do enough of the sex, the drugs and the rock n roll we will make it bigger than Jesus (this is a quote by the Beatles, DO NOT arrest me) But seriously, we are really looking to do music full time as a band, go on tours and all that (if possible) So please don't be a flake.


If you live around the west that's great, we normally jam at Studio 18 or RND Studio over at Boon Lay area.
Also, if you can also play a mad keyboard that would simply be amazing, how can you cover Led of the Zep without a Bassist who somehow knows how to play the keyboards?
Last but not least, if you can sing that would be great too, the drummer and I can't sing for shit.


We love all things Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Hardcore Punk/Alternative Rock/Punk.
We hate all things Radio Pop/Pop Punk/Post Hardcore

We are only looking for rockers, don't send me pop punk videos or you singing some chainsmokers shit, I don't discriminate against music, hell, I listen to rave sometimes but seriously.....


You can contact me at: +65 92375721
Or Alternatively... you can contact me at gabrieltongrk@yahoo.com.sg