TAMA Superstar-H + SABIAN Performance HH/HHX cymbals set

WTS: TAMA Superstar-H + SABIAN Performance HH/HHX cymbals set

Hey people !

I am going to sell away my beloved 6-months old drumset away ! It is a TAMA Superstar Hyperdrive along with the SABIAN HH/HHX Performance Cymbals set. My reason for selling ? I will be migrating overseas, and the transport fees of my drumkit from Singapore is too expensive. The drumkit is already tuned by me, with the aid of the tension watch (Exclusive). The original drumset will cost you $5.4k, and I am looking for only $3k for this drumset ! I would rate the condition of my drumset 9/10, there are no rusts or oxidations in both hardwares and cymbals. There are only stickmarks around the drumset. I have never brought the drumset out of my house before. I dropped 1 point down because there are some white stickmarks on the ride cymbal due to the faulty plastic tips of a pair of drumsticks.

The drumset consists of:

Sabian HH 13" HiHats
Sabian Evo HHX 16" Crash Cymbal
Sabian Evo HHX 18" Crash Cymbal
Sabian HH 21" Ride Cymbal
Sabian HH 12" Splash
TAMA SH 22" Base drum
TAMA SH 14 Snare drum
TAMA SH 10 High Tom
TAMA SH 12 Medium Tom
TAMA SH 14 Floor Tom
TAMA SH 16 Floor Tom
TAMA HP300 Iron Cobra Single pedal [Unboxed]

Drumkit comes along with TAMA branded hardwares. I will be throwing in a 14" snare muffle, 2 pairs of drumsticks (Black Vic Firth 5A, a Signature Zildjian 5A) and a new bottle of SABIAN Cymbal Cleaner.

These are the items that I am selling exclusive of the drumkit:

PEARL Demon Drive Double Pedal - $750
TAMA's CB90F Felt beaters - $25 each
Wuhan 16" China cymbal ] - $50 [(You will need to drill a bigger hole yourself or at any hardware store or department in order to slot the cymbal fully into the cymbal stand.)

I am looking to trade my PEARL Demon Drive Double Pedals (9/10 - Due to a scratch at the heel part in one of the pedals) for a new set of TAMA Speed Cobra Double Pedals.

I shall put up the pictures below, what you see is what you get. I have proof that this drumkit and cymbals are only 6-months old.

SMS me at 9750 1969, or E-mail me at Roydensynderen@gmail.com. Any interested party can SMS me for any enquiries, request for more photos or permission to take a look at the drumkit in my house. My address is 13, Jalan Tari Payong. Nearest MRT stations are Ang Mo Kio MRT and Sengkang MRT stations. Thank you !
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