Stress Kills


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How do you guys cope with musical stress?

Especially when your teacher has high expectation of you , gives you a 16 bar chord progression based on the 7th chords , expects you to practice in 2 different styles(Rock and Ballad style) , you combo that with playing the entire chord progression all over again in the 4 different positions(inversions) of the 7th chord together with the 2 styles of course and expects you to master everything by next week. I just don't think I can cope with the kinda work I'm getting now since it's my holidays now , my teacher is like taking advantage of the fact that it is my holidays now to give me loads of work in one week....

To make things worst , I'm going to get a new chord progression every week and the cycle keeps on repeating itself...

I'm really damn stressed up now so much so that I really went berserk (and I really mean it) like punching the keys and slamming the keyboard hatch of the piano REAL LOUD....

So yeah , how do you guys cope with musical stress? Any experiences?
For me, When I'm mad, I turn up my amp to 10 (No kidding, 75Watts) . The floor rumbles, the windows shiver. I open my windows, Stare at my neighbours, and start rocking nonstop. Last time i did that I woke up from the floor, having fallen asleep due to exhaustion, with a crazy feedback resonating.

Stress, gone.
well... i dun see why you putting so much pressure upon yourself.

if you are planning to beocme a world class pianist. practise like hell.. and dun focus so much on school work...

however if piano is just your hobby and passion. you should do it in your spare time. sitting on the floor kicking and crying and whining isnt gonna help one bit.
punching pianos included. spoil already still need parents to fork out money to repair.
I set realistics targets for myself but still I find that 1 week to actually get a gist of what I'm practising is still not enough.

Considering the fact I give myself 2 days to pratice the chord progression in 2 different styles in 1 position only. I multiply that by 4 (4 positions , 2 styles) I get 8 days if I practice everyday and that's only getting the jist of it and not actually perfecting it. I need more time in perfecting it of course in terms of getting a smooth chord transition and getting my touch right....

I've never felt like this before. I never banged on my keyboard to such an extent that it caused quite a commotion in my household.

I also feel getting stressed up is more of a personal thing for me as I tend to get stressed up pretty easily over other minor things for the past few months....
you know what my teacher said , " Aiyah holidays already what , don't go out lah..." 8O

I have a social life man!!!! :twisted:
hmm... show your teach some stuff dude. dun let the work load pull your spirits down. your piano loves you man~ haha... be happy~
Alright , I just came home from Century Square after watching Night Watch just to get my mind off it for a while....

I just found out I got a small blue black mark along my middle finger...must be from all that slamming and banging I guess.... :roll: