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use egg cartons... saw it in "bill nye the science guy" once.. dunno of it works tho.. :wink:
u might wanna do a search here. if i recall properly, theres some topics abt sound proofing..
glasswalls... lol

i've no idea but i walked past ps yamaha last night and i heard drums coing from the wooden door/ concrete wall behind the shop ( next to the hair salon) but no sound at all coming through the glasswalls though the drum set which was being played was just there infront of it!

was quite puzzled there... so i guess the denser the material, the more sound it absorbs... + materials which are spongy are also good... but what ever way u do it, it'll be expensive... very
jennajunkers said:
how do you fix in the egg cartons?

err, juzz to answer to the question.
if i remember correctly, u just take the egg cartons and use tape or sumthing and paste in on the walls. then he used cloth, like a curtain to cover it.
of course, u need a lot of egg cartons. those cardboard ones.
ermm, this is just from a science show.
i'm not sure how well it works, if it does.
carpet the floor if you can. Soften everything in the room with pillows, mattresses, anything soft. Take away anything that is glass, hard stuff. Break the room into 'waves', use auralex foam if you have lots of money, if not, stack up books, use bookshelves, etc.

Clap your hands, if you hear an echo, then dampen your room some more.

Avoid over deadening your room (eg. overuse of auralex), if not your recording will sound rather 'dead'.

If you really have loads of money, auralex every wall, ceiling, use bass traps, etc. a few thousand bucks here.

If not, use houshold items like blankets, pillows, mattresses. Ugly looking but does a decent job if you do it properly.
I remember from bill nye the science guy,he used curtains to cover the windows,the egg cartons on the walls and ceilings,and he put carpet on the floor,my drum tr said it's a waste of money to get someone to professionally sound proof your room
egg cartons might be a solution..but i approached many home designers about this not long ago.. and many of them said it was a fire hazard and much professional design would be appropriate for soundproofing like using brick designs accompanied by layers of walls. lifting the floor up - putting sand or other stuff on and putting another floor over to help absorb noise from vibration of moving trucks outside.. suspended ceiling blabla that kinda stuff.. you can learn all these yourself.. get a budget and then get a builder in to do it for you.. make sure u know what u want. and remember to have a separate powerpoint with other poowerpoints in your home.

edit: oops i forgot one thing..remember to check with HDB what u can do and what you cannot do in your house if you're living in HDB estate =)
Hey amberbrew dude!

Eggcartons dont work for sound proofing (unless they comes with the chicks inside :lol: They can be used as basic diffusers probably if placed on your side walls and the back wall. However if you want to give' em sound proofing abilities and make your room look nice at the same time (not like a chicken cage) you can stuff some rock-wool inside the holes, cover them with a nice porous thick cloth and hot glue them onto the walls. The back of the egg-carton will still have airpockets that will act as mini-air cushions, the cardboard will absorb some sound (probably around the high-mid range) and act as a dampener, the rockwool will widen the absorption range of the frequencies and the cloth will also absorb some higher frequencies.

But dont forget that this will deaden the sound in your room. It will not sound proof the lower frequencies as these are structure borne and not air borne sounds.

Plus if your room at home is small - you probbaly will have bass build-up so applying the chick-boxes may make your room sound duller!

What type of sound are you trying to kill in the first place! Sounds from outside or sound inside your room going outside?

Read this article dude:
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