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hi, i'm lookin for headphones, studio monitoring ones, read some good reviews on the pair of cans i mentioned, any1 knows where i can buy it? also, when compared to among the 3 models below, which is the best?

1. SONY MDR-7506
2. Audio-Technica M30
3. AKG 240
Hi there.

i use two of the cans in your list, the SONY and AKGs. Cans are alot like moniotors in the sense that what one person finds appealing, another gags on it...that being said;

I prefer using the AKGs. i like the sound which can be described as pretty flat, and they are VERY COMFY... sorry, for the caps, but i think thats an important point, esp if youre gonna be using em hours on end. Some cans, like certain Fostex models, are pretty decent when you hear em, but after 20 mins, you feel like your ears have been crushed....coz they basically are, with two cones slapped on em, pumping loud music. The 240s remains comfy for extended periods, and that is a pretty important consideration IMHO.

soundwise, i find the AKGs very flat, whereas the SONYs tend to sound a bit more 'hyped'..sounds like you've activated somesorta 'bass/treble boost' switch or something. thats not a bad thing, in fact thats one of the reasons why the SONYs are so popular.

be aware thou, these cans appreciate a good amp driving them, esp the AKGs. try plugging your AKGs into your soundcard's headphone outs, and you'll find that they are VERY difficult to drive, never getting loud enuff. the SONYs are apprently a little easier to drive, so you might want to check on that.

best bet, try all three with some familar music and see which one you like.

Happy shopping!
hiya, am using the 7506 myself now for monitoring. i switched up from an AKG 141S before because i found the AKG's a little too muddy. i tended to overdo my low end because of that. with the sony, my mixes were a little less problematic, but not good yet cos i am still learning a lot myself. i listened to a few others including beyerdynamic, akg 240, fostex amongst others before i settled for the sony 7506. guess to my ears, it sounded a little better than the rest. and its pretty comfortable for me too. cheers
i settled for M30s for the time being. I'll be gettin the AKGs sometime next year, a lil short on budget now, haha. thx for all the input + advice!
Actually I am using the 7506 myself.
It is the most transparent and accurate one for me so far.

But do not trust the lows too much. Best is still listen through a pair of respectable speakers with sub during mix and mastering