Songs list for 3 piece band


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Say you're a 3 piece band, guitarist, bassist and drummer. 2 of these guys are able to sing. You want to rock super hard and pull off a super excellent set. Name 3 songs (or you can name more) that a 3 piece band can bring.

Hee.. sorry la I'm bored and maybe this will help ppl who are in a 3 piece band or who wanna try out as a 3 piece band. Thanks.
i also a bit newbie so not sure also but i think these can..

-Green day's american idiot ( actually aaaa lot of their song i feel can use just 3 men band.)

-Blink 182 miss you

- jet - do you wanna b my girl ( improvise a bit but i think 3 of u can pull it off)

are u gonna be my girl?

anyway.. any songs is possible... just that the effect might not be that nice... aiya... if u wan to solo or what.. just ask the bassist to do a ryhme or play harder can liao... 8)
yeah, but if anyone of us can play like jimi. i think he one man show also can... ok lar. add the drummer at least :lol: .... haha
Oh yeah ah.. Jimi Hendrix rocks also ahaha, forgot. It has the word experience somewhere innit rite?

Keep it going, keep it going. I mean the suggestion of songs. Ahaha

Does Radiohead's Paranoid Android sound like its possible being played by a 3 piece?
Jayshen said:
- jet - do you wanna b my girl ( improvise a bit but i think 3 of u can pull it off)


yes it is possible. my band is 3 piece and we pull it off pretty well. (it's our best played song btw)

you can play songs like Sum 41's Hell Song, The Hive's Hate to Say I Told You So, The Wonder's Tha Thing You Do, Hoobastank's The Reason,

and believe it or not...we play GNR's Sweet Child O' Mine, Don't Cry and Live and Let Die too. just need to improvise here and there can already.
no one mentioned RHCP???

some kickass bands with single guitarist: like muse, audioslave, ratm, incubus, nirvana and creed

i guess they're popular enough for u to know what songs to play, so i wont go about to list them
3 songs?

'jerry was a race car driver' - primus
'happy to hang ard' - travis
'love will come through' - travis

sure can.... a local band called Biskut played tis and they won a comp. beating away progessive,jazz n funky bands!!!
how abt some songs by rush, say,

closer to the heart,
working man,
spirit of the radio.

those r some kick ass songs.

I tot u can play Led Zeppelin - the ocean. think a 3 piece band can handle it.
Fool fighters?