some rock bands

AC/DC, aerosmith, air supply, bon jovi, bryan adams, carlos santana, chuck berry, chicago, deep purple, doors, eagles, eric johnson, firehouse, guns and roses, jeff beck(yardbirds), janis jopplin, jimmy hendrix, led zepplin, mr big nickelback, pearljam, poison, queen, red hot chili peppers, R.E.M, richard marx, school of rock, smashing pumpkins, scorpians, starship, velvet revolver, van halen, wonders
Uh, I don't mean to intrude, but Air Supply, a rock band? :lol:


spikes said:
AC/DC, aerosmith, air supply, bon jovi, bryan adams, carlos velvet revolver, van halen, wonders
Rock has a very wide base of segregation tho.

But do all of you define "Rock"?

Issit just distortion & some melodic solos or anything more than this?

Please advise.
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i cant believe it ... no body mentioned

THE BEATLES ? --> pop rock

or PINK FLOYD ! --> psychedelic / alternative rock
Re: Uh

neuro182 said:
woot!?! these bands are Rock bands??

Why not? They're from the Glam rock era. Some of the best rock songs come from there i feel, but they're so often missed. If you can find their songs, you'll know why :D