Some Pink Flyod Qns


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Some Pink Flyod Qns:

They have a song called "Another Brick in the wall (part 2)", so is there a part 1?

Shine On You Crazy Diamond is about their first singer Syd Barret?

There is a movie made based on the album "The wall" ?

Thanks in advance :D
Hmm...but i can't find the song "another brick in the wall (part 1)" in any of their albums
Pink floyd - the wall (2 disc) contains:

another brick in the wall part 1
The happiest days of our lives
another brick in the wall part 2
another brick in the wall part 3
good bye cruel world
the last few bricks

I think they are all the similar song, just spread out over the album. I can send em if ya want.
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Sorry, couldn't resist.
love the sync on :

dark side of the moon vs wizzard of oz

echoes vs last part of space odyssey

coincidences or not.. i love it..they are one of a kind!