SoFire Band!!!


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We Just Want To Rawksss!!!
4 different character and attitude but o­ne heart in musical thoughts and ideas. Came from secular music background, skils and technique, these guys grow mature musically. Used to play some ‘Ol Skooll Rock and Heavy Metal music,they know how to rock. Now, it is God Will that put them together into the o­ne particular band called SoFire. Their music just a simple rock but uniquely blend with some pop and jazz style and it’s their nature to play hard and loud music. Writing their own song from bible refferences and arrange it by them self make their music unusual. They are aiming the youth for priority and young adults for larger number. Basically, they don’t genrerize or stylize their music…just as they said that, “Music it’s about to bless people so they can enjoy it,not to be rated…we just wanna rock!!!that’s all…bless people through our music especially young people!”. Some of them already involved in the Christian Contemporary Music recording project in Indonesia.SoFire already played to large appreciative audience locally and even had their own concert, collabarated with overseas musician and performer from differents style and genre. SoFire is 4 ordinary guys that “On Fire” for shouting out loud their faith through Hard, Drivin’,Pumpin’ Adrenaline Music and not ashamed of it! If we Too Loud,Then You Are Not "On Fire",Dude!!!
PM or Email or even send me sms for further Info,to get our soft copy of Our Press/Bio Kit,Demo's samples,shows and concerts clips and pics.
Please,kindly introduce yourself bfore send any messages,Thx a Lot!!!