Smarvo amps testing ground


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Hey guys,

I'm taking up the dealership of Smarvo Guitar Amps. Stocks are coming in and I'm opening up a testing ground for these amps. All softies interested are welcome to come to my studio to audition the amps.

There are certain models which I feel has broken the price barrier, extremely value for money, sure to wack the market. Namely the 1X12" 40watts, blows all other practise amps prices (this amp is not in the practise amp class too). The other model is the Full Tube 100Watts head and 4X12 Cab.....WOW!!!! 8O 8O

Below is the summary of the types of amps I'm stocking:
1X6" 10Watts Guitar Practise Amp
1X6" 10Watts Bass Practise Amp
2X10" 40Watts Stereo Chorus Guitar Amp
1X12" 40Watts Guitar Amp
2X12" 100Watts Guitar Amp
4X12" Cab + 200watts Head (1/2 stack) Guitar Amp
4X12" Cab + 100watts Tube Head (1/2 stack) Guitar Amp
4X12" Cab + 300watts Head (1/2 stack) Bass Amp
2X10" Cabs + 100watts 4channel PA mixer amp

Amps that I'm not stocking but available by order:
1X8" 25Watts Guitar Amp
1X15" 75Watts Bass Amp
1X15" + horn 150Watts Bass Amp
2X12" 100Watts Guitar Amp w/digital effects
1X12" 60Watts Keyboard Amp
1X15" 100Watts Keyboard Amp

In addition, I also have the Roland Cube15 Guitar Amp w/effects.

Any softies wanna come to test drive any of the amps in my stock, just contact me to make an appointment. Thanks.

Mikemann Music Studio
I think tomorrow onwards will be fine. I'll be arranging the stock in my space scarce workshop today and tomorrow.
What a coincidence! I just played a smarvo 250 watts combo at ranking sports today and i thought the amp was great you carry that amp too? I forgot the model but its a 250 watts solid state combo.Does smarvo have a website?
All the amps that ranking has is stated at top, my 1st post.

I think what you tried is the 2X12 100watts combo. Maybe you mistake read the rear on the power consumption. What is the price tag you remember, it'll be helpful.

No prob, just come down to my place and identify the amp you played. We'll discuss more. Seeya.
bodomchild said:
The price tag is $ you carry any smarvo bass amps too?

Sure, have all the models, except those I've posted in the 1st message. Bass have 10w, 75w, 150w and 300w models.
bodomchild said:
Does smarvo have a website?

Yea do they have a webbie or something? I wanna have a look what these amps look like, or sound like, if they've got sound samples that is.
Hey guys,

So very sorry, my original intention of the posting was to invite any fellow softies to help me review these new model amps, no strings attached.

The tread turns commercial, and I also got carried away, doing quotations and stuffs like that. For that I'm sorry. :oops:

So from now on, the tread is for people interested to test drive and reviewing comments on the amps, ok??

Any other 'outside' stuffs we keep to ourselves ok? :wink:

Sorry, no more price quotation here. I'll ask James if I can post on his classified about that. Let me work out and finalise first.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding, again my apologies.