slipknot was at zombie


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Just heard news from a very reliable source that corey and joey were at zodiac dance bar (formerly known as zombie rock bar) after the gig on tuesday. they walked in, but no one recognized them cos they were unmasked. only the Dj there, Ace, recognized them cos he is a big slipknot fan. he approached them and chatted with them. they told him not to tell anyone who they were, haha. darn, i was planning to go there with some friends after the gig, but we changed our minds..should have gone. i would have recognized them too.. :smt067

My fren msg me abt it too...

But still its kinda unbelievable..

Imagine corey and joey headbanging to slipknot video being played at zombie :lol:
i hear tat they r all very nice guys offstage....... :D

not sobish at all....... :wink:

wonder if it's true?........ :roll:

it wasn corey... it was Craig.

and it wasn't Ace that recognised them, Ace was pissed drunk that night. He was so drunk that one of the 2 posters thay Joey and Craig autographed was for Ace who was passed out on the floor. :p
Nope not raining on anyones parade

I stressed this out to all you maggots, I am not about to rain on your parade, I might get moshed even on internet ahhaa

If I were to be undercover and want to have a peaceful time, isnt it very attention grabbing to be signing autographs? But then again, I dont think everyone can recognise them without their mask.
schred: bcos i do... haha~ Scar's not a fan of slipknot, but he knows i am.

Darren: yeah you're absolutely right dude. thats why Joey and Craig came in only after 2am where there wasn't a single soul in Zombie.
So chances of u covering slipknot songs w/ Scar is very slim :lol: Hey btw how does Joey look like? I dont know coz i'v nvr been a slipknot fanatic hahah..