Slinky Pinky Thingy


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Hey guys,
Here's a little ditty I made up... its much in the vein of the regular "Shredcow's Vibe" which btw, I feel its getting boring, I shall try to change to something different for the next song...

In anycase, Slinky Pinky Thingy is a sort of beginner's play with odd time signatures, very basic, in an Intro/Chorus/Verse/Chorus/Verse/Chorus pattern. Lately been trying to get a grip on them odd time signatures... I played with 7/4 for the verses and on the choruses, I played 3/4 over a 4/4 pattern, something like 4 x 3/4 then 1 4/4... to make up 16 bars. Nothing spectacular, just a mish mash of stuff.

Oh yeah, Thor, I tried to do some of the changes but I felt, I did the song without that in mind, so incorporating it would mean a major revamp IMO... so I decided to put your suggestions on hold, they are very useful ideas, prob for the next piece. ;)

Hope you guys enjoy it, tell me what you think...

in the vein of three-word song names!

slinky pinky thingy! weird slippery thing!

a fan of guthrie govan perhaps?

no doubt, its unique.

but as you said, its getting boring.

i can totally picture this as a theme song(parts of it). the parts when the movie or show has just started and the names start rolling out..blablabla.

1:34 onwards, i really liked it. although you could have brought out those changes more. it was a really sweet groove thing going on from 1:50 to to 2:11. there should have been more slinkyness and slipperyness over those changes man! weird slinky slippery pinky thing. but ah, everyone phrases differently. oh well.

towards the end, too much wankery for me.

that's all i have to say, have a good day. hey.. that rhymes.. i guess i'm a rapper now. yes.......
Aye nunob, you got that right... the style IS getting boring.
I'm going to try taking a different route next time round... Going to give my hand at doing some funk-rock kind of stuff, but a ballad first. :) Nothing to do with your nick lah. ;)

Guthrie Govan? Heh, he has a similiar track that is absolutely SMASHING! ANd he played it clean for an issue of Guitar Techniques, morphed it into funk.. my goodness, that was good stuff.

Haha, 1:34 on eh? Yeah, I thought it was a nice groove... didn't want to lengthen it, makes the listener want more. ;) 1:50 on, jazz ppl will kill me.

The ending with the over-the-top-lame-ass-wanking, well, haha, something different from my usual structure passages.... stomped on the fuzz and just went wild.

Thanks for listening man. :) Good commentary!
Interesting time signatures... If it were me I'd have a headache trying to play in them.. let alone count ..hahaha. I like those chorus bits too... lyrical-like. Full of ideas I see... 8)
yay! u finally posted it up! congrats on its completion!

well yea. i like that jazzy part, and the few seconds that string-like part, around 1:43 or so. makes the piece sound more unique, in that it incorporates more stuff.

overall, good job!

p.s. heh heh, seems like i wasn't the only one to mention the ending's messiness huh? :D
i think one day nintendo will really really hire u man. Maybe u should send this to be in some new xbox 360 game or wad. awesome playing:)
hay88 said:
i think one day nintendo will really really hire u man. Maybe u should send this to be in some new xbox 360 game or wad. awesome playing:)

I told him that before... He should play for x-treme games, skateboarding, car drifting, etc music... :lol: Cools man...
hahah power man ahha i love the parts when u get the impression that you move up to level 2 or wad. damn cool
Haha! Well xspace and hay88, I guess thats the vibe my pieces have. I did have one of my songs taken for a local mini event vid... for Singapore Youth for Christ. That was "Bobo's Stuff" on my website... I wonder there's this Bobo. He gave me the backing which I soloed over. It was pretty neat. The song managed to land on a CD too, a short lived project of the now defunct Guitarbattle website.

In anycase, methinks its time for a change, time to move on. :) Life gets more interesting then. ;)
GuitarBattle!!! I miss that man. Anw.. nice post as usual. I look forward to hearing what u think of next
Hey Sofyan.. yeah, miss that site. :) Twas good when it was around.

Hostile, with your EMG equipped, tuned to C, axe, I would. :) But I'm trying to get a 7 string for rhythm. Hehe. Low B is nice for techno metal. :twisted: