Slash playing a PRS!


DGT I think. Slash still sound like slash but with a thinner tone.

Slash's solo begins at 5:00. Check out Tremonti's face... he's obviously in awe and a huge fanboy! Haha!

lol...quite true and his licks still sound the same after all these years. indeed a prs sounds noticeably thinner than a lp :D
If you're endorsed by Gibson or whatever brands, you're not allowed to play guitars of rival brands in public. More so for PRS if you're endorsed by Gibson.

But if you're a superstar and guitar hero like Slash, you can play with whatever you want, and even big companies like Gibson can't do no shit about it!

Maybe after watching this video, Gibson's CEO and his marketing people might be feeling rather....pissed off! :p
haha searched that:

Yes, he is playing a PRS.

It actually surprise me more if he is using the fender or mesa amp.

Did you people realise he sunglasses is dropping while playing the solo

(no offense) not a good song, miss the 80's GNR!
Actually looks more like he came on as a guest and just used whatever equipment alter bridge had on hand. Seriously don't expect him to start using prs guitars for his concerts anytime soon.