SG or Telecaster?

depends on wat type of music u play

SG - rock , blues, alternative

tele - country, rock & roll, blues

get both lah 8)
I never like Tele look or feel b4 but I tried the squire 52? recently and was good....better feel than than American Std Tele!!

Get ESP/Edwards Keith Richards copy....humbucker in tele!
bro the best is you try the guitar out and listen to which sound you like better. i like both depending on what sound i want.

traditional rock: tele
modern rock: SG

Both are different animals... like asking Beef or Fish or Chicken or Mutton?

What do you play? Do you like bright sounds? Do you like chunky sounds? What is your budget? Are you getting a REAL gibson SG vs a REAL fender tele? Cos the Gibson will always be more expensive than the Fender. But if you're getting copies/made by their subsidiaries then they're mostly around the same price.

Ok let me ask you.

I want to buy a bike. Scooter or scrambler? :wink:
Not all teles are teles. Guitar 77 have some interesting variations on the tele. One with a p90 in the neck and another thinline with a humbucker in the neck and two sing coils.
You guys must be joking if SG = modern rock. What bout ACDC? Eric clapton used it in Cream.. Nuff said.. :wink:

If you want to do the chicken picking, country rock stuff, Tele is good. Both are very different animals. One is with 25.5 scale and the other 24.75. Feel is so different. The neck chunk is different. Play them both see which one speaks to you more. Also depends what genres you play.

Side note: I think SG looks more cool. I had a telecaster with a 5A maple top (think you can find it in this forum under photos) and a Gibby SG. Guess which one gets more attention?? Hehe..
I'd go for both.

But like some people said, try them out and decide which kind of tone you prefer.
what kinda music are u playin..? i've a Epiphone SG n its awesome, for rock n roll la. i use it to play ac/cd songs n it rips it up heh.
edder said:
this thread is a joke.


this thread really bring on the suck. c'mon guys, stop comparing apples with oranges. different strokes for different folks and all that, right? SG and tele - no grounds for comparison whatsoever, short of personal preference. for the record i think both guitars are awesome... which is why i have both :twisted: