setup gear for PRS guitar


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anyone can give me a idea for my own setup a PRS guitar...i want to buy original stuff from PRS...but my problem is if anyway we can choose which one the best stuff for PRS...for ex: pickup, Bridge / Tailpiece...anything...and how to find in singapore...thank you
being a PRS owner myself, i like every bit of my McCarty- no replacements necessary. 8)

but i understand that tastes between players do vary, for PRS parts, you can get genuine spares from Davis. in any case, other replacement parts are suitable for the guitar if the need arises.

pickups on the other hand, remain a personal preference.
thank friend...i have checked with the David music shop...they can delivery the accessories from US...i think if we can get the same material, such as: mahogany or rosewood wood and with original gear...i think it will be not so bad with the real one... :lol: :lol: the way, thank for your help..