serious musicians?

just wondering how many of u are serious musicians?

  • just a teenage hobby, will get over it when work or marriage comes

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just thinking how many of u here form bands and going for gigs to make a career out of it, or just to get together for fun when still young? :roll:

Mine is a combi of both. Childhood dream as well as tryin my best to make it a main career.
cool ! because i see some people who quit bands because they need to go ns, have to work, or get married. when they are teens, they dream alot but most of them give up when they reach 25.
but i also see some people still continue to stay on the band and look for gigs even when they reach 30s and married.

Definitely I aint wanna lose e passion. I'm currently serving NS & I'm still striving in my band. I hope my mates wld follow suit. I don't want it to be jus a teenage dream, I want it to be a lifelong commitment :) Even if we don't get recognized or what, its ultimately the music we all enjoy that keeps us to go on in life :D

Hope I don't sound too philosophical *lolx*
I'm definitely full out serious for making music a full time thing in the future. Nothing beats enjoy something you love the most, and still get paid doing it.
My life revolves around music. The way I think, talk and my actions are influenced by music. So hopefully, I can make it into a career but if not, the fun in it will still be there.
Yup. But there will be a lot of people out there who would tell you to keep music as a hobby. This about music cannot make it, this that bleagh. I feel it's more of how much you're willing to commit and how much effort you wanna make. I still feel pretty sore that the majority of people out there view music as a cannot make it career, especially since we're in Singapore.
I left a job in Singapore and headed to LA to pursue music.

I left the rat race in Singapore and flew to LA to pursue my music degree.
Degree covers producing/composing/arranging, in depth music theory, instrumental performance, compulsory voice and piano proficiency lessons, music business ( Copyright laws,record labels/publishers, marketing,talent management, talent scouting, reviewing gigs/bands ), conducting, music history, music cultures, music technology (i.e. Logic Pro, Pro tools etc)...and many more. My professors have worked with many artistes like Sarah McLaughlin, GooGoo Dolls, etc, and many movie film composers like Marco Beltrami ( Soundtrack for Hellboy,I.Robot etc ).

Just performed at Disneyland, met and made friends with Jars of Clay, have schoolmates who have performed ( or are currently performing ) with Gwen Stefani, REM, Chilli Peppers, Elton John, White Zombie..etc.

and on a lighter note, i have a friend in school that's one of the cast on DodgeBall, heh heh. Speaking role, not extra.

You'll never find these experiences in Singapore.
pooo said:
Yup. But there will be a lot of people out there who would tell you to keep music as a hobby. .

yea.u shud b willin to sacrifice for ur luv for music since its diff. for aspirin musicians to make it big in spore,d more we shud support local band n keep d music alive here.
i 1 2 becum full time musican......... :D

the road ahead is NOT easy.......... :cry:

but i'll keep on fighting........ :wink:

man... jars of clay! yeah, and when you can't have the support of your own parents, that is a minus one. depending on how you stand your ground.
i dont care the way i view it i aint gonna get any smarter heck i might as well leave skool become poor and broke and homeless as long as i have my guitar with me i think i can make it thru
making a living out of music in singapore is tough, the standard of living here is just too high and the level of support is just too low

ok maybe the support is getting a bit better
and its juz not abt the money, its the time and energy too. Its bloody tiring after a whole's day work, you go home with juz enuf time to eat ur dinner and shower (if i'm lucky tht is,if not i juz change my clothes)..hop on the bus,lugging all my gear,get down the bustop and walk to the jam studio. Once at the studio,u realise ur bandmates not there yet, once they there u have to put up with their petty issues.

But once the music starts, for that whole 2hrs at juz seems better. :D
......ah well, nobody said its gonna be easy
Re: I left a job in Singapore and headed to LA to pursue mus

therealslim said:
I left the rat race in Singapore and flew to LA to pursue my music degree..

So are u back here now or still in LA?

One studio in Singapore (no no not mine) has won 3 awards for soundtrack of a mini-series of Disney. This studio also did a remix of David Bowie which went on to be a hit in UK. We also have our own B-Quartet and Bhumi Band. We do have our greats in Singapore. I keep track. But I seldom parade.

Its Sarah McLachlan though by the way.

But back to the topic.... its been 15 years since I played music.. still cant call myself a musician somehow... been on both sides of the glass booth... so what do I do if I cant be a full time musician... I open a place to help others la hahahaah

Players in singapore can get up to 3K a month average doing pub and club scences 6 days a week... it used to be 5k a month for a 3 day a week gig. Anyways, you can survive being a musician, but you better practice man and get good at it. How many players reading this can play by ear? I mean the guitars and basses dear piano players... so you have it.

No offence to anyone... just think that this question will be surfacing everynow and then. My advice is while you are still young and have little commitments , then do it, what else is there to lose?

musicians in a pub maybe but musicians as in a rockstar, i think not many of us here will still pursue that dream when we get older.
i think most bands here are in the semi professional scene ?

would love to go pro , would love to have a record but happily content with the fact unless some major label finds us as the next big thing in music trends of the world.

the culture in singapore is different, in US and EU , you fail u still have unemployment benefits. you fail here. u starve. its as simple as that.

i for one believe that if singapore has a much more favourable climate for encouraging musical talents such as pro community / grassroots links and projects and a local homebase support , singaporean made music can suceed.

frankly put it, most support for a band comes from the home country of the band. e.g Japan , Japan has excellent bands and fantastic musicians, X-japan , lar en cil , dir en grey. some like X japan and musicians from other genres , read ayumi hamasaki have made huge fan bases worldwide but still have at least a good 60% of the home fanbase in japan.

e.g hongkong has such a vibrant entertainment scene of actors and actresses due to the large chinese market. taiwan has alot of great bands and equally great musicians due to the their sizeable local population and the generally large chinese market made out of greater china (china , taiwan , hongkong). thailand also has a fair share of local entertainers due to a sizeable homegrown fanbase.

without a homegrown fanbase, its really hard for local bands to make it truly big. even the swinging 60s , generally regarded as the "golden" age of singapore bands, acts like the quest , the straydogs , commanded audiences of like 5,000 fans ? even then it isnt enough. artistes such as sun yan zi or other popular mandrin acts regularly go platinium , 20,000 or 30,000 CDs within a month for their albums in the domestic singapore market, would local english singaporean music be able to capture as much ?

size matters , we are too small to be commercially worthy material for english rock market. if we tap into the chinese market or maybe malay market ( siti nurhaliza! ) , we might stand a chance but local singaporean market ?

its just impossible to survive here in the kinda "big rockstar" way. IMHO.
i know it's hard ... but sometimes we just have to

yeah ... i agree with you stars ... talking about being sucessful as a engligh singing local band in Singapore is really tough. Even the so called bigger names that we had in Local band History didn't exactly made it THAT big.

Personally, I used to have that dream too ... I love music ... and I loved Composing. I am a man of few words ... and music is a channel of expression that is so dear to me. Most Singpaoreans who support local bands on likes to watch an impressive performance for estatic experiences. But talking about really supporting them with dollars and cents for mechandises .... i guess money speaks louder than encores .... theres no avail.

But frankly .... no matter how tough it might be ... and how cold Singapore market is .... there is still something underlying inside each one of us ... that is our undying passion for music. We might be working in offices, hospitals or army camps .... but the music will always be there. I guess at the end of the day ... what really matters is that music has made such a great impact to our lives that it changes us ... molds us and gives us meaning and depth. And many people can search on for their entire lives and yet never find such satisfaction.

I wasted quite a number of years concentrating on work and practical things just to survive. And i realised one thing .... that i am still surviving ... nothing more, nothing less. Am i going to spend the rest of my life like that? JUst merely surviving?

I foregone music a long time ago .... because of the very same reason ... bread and butter ... my family is really struggling to get a roof over our head. But nevertheless .... i wish i can turn things back .... i wish i can be performing again ... composing again ... playing again ....

Just me
Glenn Fong
Hi Guitarman78.

Your post makes alot of sense. Most people anywhere only make ends meet. Unless they are CEO of some kidney foundation or something... So yeah, the funny thing is people still 'do what they have to do' to survive even if they don't like it? Its always a choice people. We only live once!

Guitarman, why cant you play and compose again? Pardon my nosey question.