Selling Vintage 1979 Greco Stratocaster Jeff Beck Signature Model


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Up for sale is a vintage Greco Stratocaster Jeff Beck Signature model from 1979 for $650.00. Really cheap - usually $850 and up.

Website for reference:

Drop me a text if u r interested - 9622 3512

The Skinny:

Model is based on a custom Fender Stratocaster with toggle switches which allows you to switch on / phase out and switch off each pickup. This allows the guitar to achieve tones a normal Stratocaster can't achieve (e.g. the neck and bridge pickup combination - AKA telecaster tone). This system is similar to the switcheroo system built by a certain famous boutique guitar builder.

Body seems to be a 2 piece Alder body in beautiful aged cream white!

Neck is a Vintage style V shaped neck like how Jeff likes it. This neck shape is found on the vintage reissues by Fender. It's maple neck (looks like quarter sawn) with a rosewood fret board.

Headstock: Previous owner tried to fenderise the guitar. This was common back in the 1970s, as working musicians would try to pass off their guitars for their American counter parts. Usually people can't tell the difference once "fenderisation" has occurred, as these guitars were tone machines and were preferred by some famous artist like Stevie Ray over the originals.

Guitar is in players condition, it was definetly gigged, and it probably has more stage stories then most of us! These guitars were known as working musician guitars back in the day. So tons of mojo, instead of the lame (in my opinion) faux relic stuff which is being done today.

What we like about it:

a) Rare Jeff Beck Signature model

b) great attention to detail by the builders. All tuner pegs and bridge are signed Greco. Bridge is made of stainless steel - very rare as they usually use unfinished steel.

c) Awesome vintage tone and tones of flexibility with the switching system.

d) comes with a Yamaha hard case from the 70s.

e) authentic patina to the guitar which tells a story and is part of the JV guitar era.

e) rare vintaged style V shaped neck.

f) selling cheap. Usually transact for $850 and up based on Yen conversion rate.

Reason for sale: Work commitments and downsizing collection.

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Guitar is made in Japan!
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