Selling Unique Custom-made Bass from Old Singapore National Stadium Wooden Benches


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The old Singapore National Stadium had chengal wood benches. A few pieces of this wood was used to make this custom bass. More detailed description at this blogsite:

It's a one and only such bass in the world. I am willing to sell it at $2,000 - which is less than half the cost I paid to the guitar maker plus cost of parts to have this made. If interested, please message me at 9683 9504 for no obligations testing of the bass first. Location is Blk 3 Holland Close.



Do you go to living waters methodist church? I must have met you at some stage. I am coming back to Singapore over Christmas and I would love to have a look at this beast. So many memories in there so why are you selling it?
Hi - I used to go to Wesley Methodist Church. I'm selling it because I have another electric guitar also made of the same wood. Feel free to contact me when you're back to take a look and try out (no obligations). I'm willing to sell at $1,800. My mobile number is +65 9683 9504.