Sell/Trade: Jackson Soloist SL3 MIJ neck through (cherry sunburst) – $1800


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Jackson neck through Soloist SL3 model made in Japan, now loaded with Tesla Plasma humbucker n Duncan Designed single coils, 24 frets, neck through, very versatile can go loud soft heavy sweet suits all musical genres, very high quality good deal for the price. 8/10 condition (some rust and oxidation) ultra rare discontinued.

Comes with shipping box


Open to trade, but cash is king. If trade, I will not topup.

What guitar I accept for trade is subject to my liking. Don't offer me guitar with Floyd Rose.

The priority as to who gets the deal is as follows:

1. Full cash deal
2. Trade + you topup cash to me
3. You trade 1 higher value guitar for 2 or more of my lower value guitars
4. 1 to 1 trade

If you advertised your guitar for sale at a certain price, please don't tell me nonsense like your trade value will be higher. Because trade is 2 way, 2 can play at this game and I can simply raise my guitar's trade value to correspond with your raise as well. In the end, $x = $x and you still have to topup the difference to me.

Buyer etiquete:

FIXED PRICE. If no bag or case is mentioned = not included, don’t ask for freebies.

DO NOT call as I don’t answer calls from unfamiliar numbers.

WhatsApp: 8six 5six five five 2one for serious buyers ONLY. ONLY serious buyers may contact me. ONLY deal at my void deck in west side. When you contact me it means you understand my advert in its entirety, including this part in bold to save my time and yours.

Serious buyer = already made up your mind to buy this, at this price, at my void deck, ready to meet up to test/inspect to your satisfaction then pay me the money on the spot. So if you are thinking of requesting to test, do exercise some common sense as to whether the item is testable at a void deck. For electric guitars I can bring portable amp for you to test. Don't be like a certain abusive self entitled prick here from SOFT forum insist to barge into my place to test a cheap $90 amp that needs to be plugged into a wall power outlet and went full retard when I said that I don't allow strangers.

When you contact me:
1. State the brand and model clearly, don't say vague things like "interested in your guitar" or "your yamaha guitar" or "your acoustic guitar" because I won't know which guitar you are referring to.

2. Tell me the date/time that you will come over for the deal.

The following CANNOT CONTACT ME:
1. Lowballers
2. Timewasters
3. Pranksters
4. People with no manners
5. People with intolerable character
6. Frivolous people who can't make up their mind
7. People who ask questions about things already stated in advert
8. People who ask questions about specs which are available at manufacturer's webpages or through Google etc
9. People who can’t keep to their word and appointments.
10. People who ask questions then disappear.
11. People who try to circumvent anything I stated in advert (eg I say fixed price, you still try to nego. I say only deal at my void deck, you tell me go to your void deck etc.)
12. Self entitled people
13. People asking irrelevant questions
14. People with no intention to buy
15. People who can't afford to buy
16. People who like to try for fun n don't buy
17. Abusive pricks