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Scores Or tabs?

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Only matters most for guitars doesn't it? With other instruments I prefer scores since they are clearer.
the only thing that 1 dont like about tabs is that u need 2 know where are the pauses(rest) in the song n the duration of a scores, all these are being labeled n stuff :D
crozzfire said:
yes exactly!!scores rocks...u need skill to read them...

yeah, u need 2 practise 2 read them, n memorisae some stuff, but its a minimum...and can learn how to sight read... :D
yeah yeah practise is a muz to read scores...sight reading is another muz..if u dunno how to sightread thn wats the point in learning how to read scores..LOL
on tabs, ghost notes will be represented by the letter 'g'

in scores, ghost notes will be represented by a bracket-ed note. (o) <-- example