Schecter Guitar Research...

Hi guys...i finally have time to post so maybe i'll say more in the future...anyway i think most of you guys heard of schecter guitars...just wondering if any of you have played or own a schecter guitar..i think the C-1
classic is the most popular with the simple design and cool im just wondering how much would a standard schecter cost and where can i find schecter guitars in singapore...i heard that guitar77 does bring in schecters(i think) but i went down yesterday and saw none...=( anybody played them before and roughly how does the neck feel...cause i dont have the hitchhiker thumb thing(u know ur thumb can bend back..i dont have it like u guys so drop D for my power chords and stuff..) cheers and sorry for the long post..
Thats a damn good price for an instrument like that!

Inlays, fast neck, twin humbuckers, figured maple top, binding and

Bear in mind that luthier super power tom anderson used to work for their custom shop.

Excuse me while I go wet myself.
wth tat really cool man, where its selling? a neck through body and string through body or watever u call it like in telecater, is really tempting.
gifs prs a run for their money eh? :wink: trouble is schecter is so big in the states that guitar77 might haf trouble bringing in sufficient stock..

oh and souljah.. good hardware and electronics too. original sd (not sd designed) jb and 59/jazz pups as well as tonepros tune-o-matic and jumbo frets.. pity quilted maple is onli a veeneer.

dunnoe how it will rank up to ibanez's sz series becoz those have real maple on mahogany caps even on the lower end sz320

schecter's neck juz a tad chunkier than a standard fender c-profile
i heard that there is already a very big demand for the c1.

anway i hope they g77 will bring in the c1 with floyd
i was considering to get a C1, but got this instead :D


1 thing i didnt like about neck thru guitars were the maple necks. im not a big fan of maple myself, always been a mahogany guy. well anyway the thing with neck thru, maple neck guitars is, the pickups sit on the chunk of maple running thru the body. The H300 though, is ALL mahogany, body and neck, just the axe for me :D

when kahler factory is back in business, im gonna route this baby for a kahler tremolo, which is just a drop in unit. (the guitar has to be a tuneomatic w/ stoptail)
wow...nice C-1 classic..the blue looks cool..and for a $1000+ not a bad deal..but the S-1 is not a bad looking guitar as well..anyone seen it before or have tried it?..thanks.. kinda puzzled about the retail price on their also kinda worried..cause if i do buy one of these and ditch the ernie ball musicman..i do have money but i wanna save it on other i read luthermusic..$550 for omen 6..okay then i went to the website and the retail price is $499US? its strange...anyway im thinking of getting the S-1 and price wise for US is that around the same price for a an ibanez 350dx?..hmm
nah list prices and retail prices are different, futhermore guitars have different prices in different countries even for the same model so as to match the economy such as fender japan is alot cheaper in japan than over here.

c1 with floyd seems like a set neck omen6 with floyd?