Samick Rockwell / Explorer VS . Epiphone Les Paul


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Any idea which one is better?

my friend bought the rockwell from Davis guitars. He selling to me for $290 with soft case.

I saw someone here selling this blood red les paul for $400-$450.

Which one should i aim for? i only got $400 in my cash box.

Take note the word i use is aim. :cry:
You got to see what style you play. But IMO, the les paul would be more of a versatile guitar. A explorer would not be suitable for music that are less noisy and i personally think that a epiphone would be better buy than a samick. I would never be happy with a samick.
I would say go for the Les Paul. As marshall law has mentioned it's a much more versatile instrument in terms of sound and looks. There are many hard rockers out there using Les Pauls whereas you don't find anyone playing a slow sensual ballad with an explorer. Another thing i would like to add is that the pickups are slightly better. Well, in the end it still comes down to personal preference (=
Definitely Les Paul.

Besides being a better instrument, with more versatility, good looks and history, it also has a better value when you intend to sell it one day. Furthermore, with a better build and quality, it is certainly worth customising. At $400, it's a decent price.

Alright so which store in Singapore can i find a $400 les paul?

Went to Swee Lee at bras Basah , its like $900+ :?

My friend got a silver Les paul studio for $330 2nd hand though.
Look over to 2nd hand epi les paul around the price range of $400+
There are quite a number of people selling 2nd hand epi les paul recently over at luthermusic classfied, most around the region of $300+ to $500+

Brand new epi les paul cost too much nowadays that it getting a bit ridiculous. When davis brought in epi les paul many years back, a brand new one with case cost only about $500++.......
I can't find a decent les paul for $400. It is not like in the past. 4years back, epiphone were only around $700 to $300. Now, it is going near thousands. Must as well save more and buy a thousand plus guitar. If you want cheap guitars in s'pore, get 2nd. IMO, older gibson co made guitar are better in sound and quality.

There this man who tell me wood are rising price very quickly, so guitar are costing more. Yet, i think so too. Wood is so sacre nowadays, more trees are been chopped down every minute. Buy 2nd hand, save the earth :lol:
there's an Epi LP that retails for $400+ (after disct) but it's the Chinese, bolt-on version. i'd rather buy something else at this kinda price, especially if it's a bolt-on make... :roll:
marshall_law said:
Wood is so sacre nowadays, more trees are been chopped down every minute. Buy 2nd hand, save the earth :lol:

Gibson Les Paul SmartWood is tailored made for ya :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

metallibeast said:
marshall_law said:
Wood is so sacre nowadays, more trees are been chopped down every minute. Buy 2nd hand, save the earth :lol:

Gibson Les Paul SmartWood is tailored made for ya :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


There is no way i'm going to buy that. The worst guitar gibson ever made.
Well if i get a les paul , i wouldn't be able to get an amp and guitar cable.

If i get the Samick Explorer for $290 , i will be able to have the soft case and i could use the rest to get other stuff.

My names Fintan so if i get the explorer , it will be really special to me because of its Fin.
2 routes you can choose:

1. Get the explorer and have instance cash for other gears, but outgrow your guitar quickly.

2. Save up another $100-$200 and reconsider your proposition.
Yeah right you serious?

feel terrible man......can never get the guitar i want because of money problem. The explorer my friend is offering me is like kinda sleek and slim. So i can move around with it. Since i was a u2 fan when i was like 11 years old , i saw the explorer as like an energy filled axe from space.Always wanted it.

The Les paul only appealed to me when i was older...14 years old only last year. When Edge performed until the end of the world live. In the Elevation Tour in Boston DVD , i discovered how versatile it was when Bono kept kicking the les paul and it could sustain for so long.

btw i live in small 3 room HDB flat.
Not from well to do family.
i understand why you have second thoughts about freebies- because it's within this faceless realm of the internet, you simply don't know who you are dealing with... i can assure you that i'm not Satan/ Osama :lol:

well, many of us started as deprived individuals when it comes to guitar. consider yourself lucky living in a 3-room apartment. i used to live in a rented 1-room unit because my parents were divorced & my mum doesn't have enough CPF contributions to own a decent housing unit. but my mum endured my guitar exploitations as she knew it's a healthy indulgent- it keeps me at home & away from bad company/ drugs/ etc.

the offer still stands my friend, you buy your guitar, you get a cable from me, no hidden agenda. i did a free guitar re-string for a member here & i didn't end up a losing party... 8)
hi... on the topic of cables, does anyone know where to get monster cable? its supposed to be the best or at least one of the best
Sinamex sells Monster cables. I find them overpriced, imho. Bass response may be tight (compressed) but there is little treble definition, even in their Studio Pro 1000 series.
'the best' is rather subjective. i sold off my Monster Cable which i bought for $50 (can't remember the length) after i purchased Planet Waves (a lot cheaper too, not even $20) cable which is quiet & tug-proof (a locking mechanism at the shaft of the tip). there are ears other than mine, which can hear the awesome signal delivery to the amp, i can't quite hear that so the MC was sold to a more deserving owner. George L cables are also renowned for its conductivity, quiet operation & durability, but i'm with PW. 8)
I guess monster cables is much more expensive due to its lifetime warranty.

Hey, subversion, where did you get planet waves and george L cables? I thinking of trying other cables and see which is the best.