Sales of electric guitar...


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I am a first time electric guitar learner... And i will like to know where can i get cheaper electric guitar and it's gear compare to those at music stores in shopping centres..

Thanks.. :lol:
u heard of the behringer v-tone pak? it goes for about 199 bucks..i noe a shop tt sells it for onli 128
i have no idea whether its reliable or not tho...cuz its like so cheap tt its scary! hahas
if u wanna get one, u might wanna get lots of reviews from other owners first:)
i'm oso thinking of getting one too cuz my budget is very limited lol

Davis guitar at peninsular shopping centre , which i visited previously, seems to offer a wide range of electric guitar which is at quite a reasonable price. And i think they have that package too. Just wonder izzit worth while to get.. As i am still a newbie. fearing tt i will give up playing half way...