Rock originals for the International Market


New member
I am a guitarist in my 40s who has recorded albums and achieved some success.
I am keen to form a band that does original materials only.
I have 100s of songs.. my own compositions in the genre of rock, prog-rock, reggae, funk, etc..

Genre is in the likes of Rush, Toto, Alice in Chains, Porcupine Tree, King's X, and the great hair metal bands from the 80s like GNR, Warrant, Winger, Whitesnake, Dokken, Van Halen.. its a wide brush but you get the picture..

What is needed -

Drummer and bassist - can play in odd meters.
Keyboardist - good understanding of rock music. Classical or jazz pianist need not apply.
Singer - must be able to write lyrics and create melodies. A good rock voice.

My aim is to crack the international market - US and/or the UK.

Ping me if you are interested..